June 12, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 17

Green Chef Meals

1. Green Chef

I absolutely love trying food delivery services because the meals are always fun to make. I really enjoyed trying Green Chef. We made an awesome Jamaican stew which my husband and I both loved. We also got to make some sweet, broiled plantains which we had not had before. They were delicious! I would make them again.

Green Chef Meals
We also made an awesome market salad with chicken seen above. I loved all of the fresh flavors in it from the red onion, celery, corn, radishes, salad and more. It had a goat cheese dressing which I had never had before but we both really liked it.

Green Chef sends you all of the ingredients and you cook them. The meals were filling and quite healthy. I do not have anything negative to say about them. It was like a little date night at home making these together. My 20 month old daughter loved the meals as well.

To get your first 4 meals free for Green Chef, sign up through this link!

2. May FitSnack Box

The freeze dried fruit and edamame from Sensible Foods is perfect for my daughter for snacking. We both enjoyed the FruitChia bar in strawberry. Need the perfect dippers for hummus or salsa? These R.W. Garcia 3 seed sweet potato crackers are it! Fun box!

Hilary's Dressings

3. Hilary's Dressings

I am so picky when it comes to salad dressings and it is hard for me to find ones that I like. I loved this tomato kalamata dressing from Hilary's. These dressings use all real ingredients, nothing funky. I look forward to trying the beet vinaigrette and like the chili lime on a Mexican style salad.

I love Hilary's veggie burgers and enjoyed trying their dressings as well. They have these new veggie bites that are perfect for my daughter. They are made with millet, quinoa and veggies. They are small and easy enough for her to pick up. I like them too!

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  1. I've used other home food subscription services but this is the first I've heard of Green Chef. Will check it out.


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