June 24, 2016

How My Husband and I Learned to Compromise

One of our first Christmas's together!

When you are dating and first meet someone, it is super fun to get to know them. You get to know their likes, their dislikes, what they are passionate about and all about their history. When Troy and I met (and still to this day), we could talk for hours and hours. When I think back to the summer of 2007, I feel very nostalgic. We were first dating and getting to know each other. It was a blast.

The problem with first dating is that you often come from two different backgrounds. You may have been raised one way while your significant other was raised another way. They do not know how you react in an argument and you don't know what pushes their buttons yet. In the 9 years that Troy and I have been together, we have had plenty of arguments.

What has changed since we started dating was how we handle them. Coming from different backgrounds, we had different values in some cases and needed to get on the same page as each other if we were going to make things work. We are happier than ever now and rarely argue.

Wedding rehearsal!
A lot of that has to do because we now have the same values, goals and morals for our family. We find it important to talk our issues out, save money and have god in our lives. Family comes first, always. We made sure to get on the same page as each other before we were married. I did not want to bring any issues into our marriage. We talked every issue out and we had to take a marriage class through our church in order to get married in the Catholic church and it helped us to think of the different issues that can arise and talk about them ahead of time.

I remember our first argument ever and it is so silly that you are going to laugh. We had been dating a month or two and we were up north at my parent's farm. I was cutting up a bell pepper and Troy told me that I was doing it wrong. I was not going to have that! We had a big fight over it, lol. So dumb!

First Christmas together- in matching pajamas!

Now that we know each other better, we know what pushes each other's buttons and try to avoid the things that bothers the other person. Troy knows that I need him to help out with the house including cooking or cleaning and I know that he needs to feel respected in order for us to be happy for example.

Compromise is a huge part of a relationship as well. I love to go on family walks and Troy knows that so he will go with me sometimes when he doesn't want to. I compromise with him by doing things that he likes to do. I love to get Adalyn a million of inexpensive toys for outside and Troy is like, no!, we do not have any more room for that stuff.

Always stealing a HUGE bite!!
Of course, we still have some serious conversations but some of our arguments can still be silly. Some things never change! For example, Troy ate my beloved $4 raspberries that I was saving or took the last Skinny Cow Chocolately Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich! 

I recently got to try these awesome Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in Vanilla Bean Dream flavor and they disappeared from our freezer fast. They are geared toward women but are awesome for men too- good enough to steal! These bars are awesome and a fun summer treat! 

Yes, even dietitians eat ice cream. And pizza, fries and pie. We like the Vanilla Bean Dream flavor. Just eat them quick because they melt fast! Adalyn loved them too. She ate every drippy bite! To find out where you can buy these, check out this store locator.

I hope this post came off the right way because I totally love my husband! He is everything to me! Arguments are part of a healthy relationship and when we argue, I know it is because we both care a ton about each other. : )<3 font="">

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