June 08, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 16

1. prAna Kara Jeans

These prAna Kara jeans are lightweight and perfect for a cooler summer evening out. They have a slight stretch and are made of 75% organic cotton. They are very long so that they can be cuffed. I am 5'6" and they are long on me. They are available in so many different colors and prints. These are the red mixer pattern. 

They have a slim fit and tapered leg. I like them and know that I will get good use out of them year round. I will wear them with a sweater in the fall and winter and with a tank top in the summer. I love to shop and get new clothing and these pants help satisfy my summer shopping cravings. For 15% off your prAna purchase, use code SCS16AMHE.

Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt

2. Stonyfield Whole Milk Yogurt

Until quite recently, I thought that fat-free yogurt was best. Why have the extra calories from fat? I was not scared of fat per se but often thought that the lower the calories are in a yogurt, the better. My mind has changed quite a lot recently. Since my daughter started eating yogurt, we often purchase the whole milk versions and I noticed how much more these keep me full. Instead of reaching for another snack 10 minutes later, I feel fuller for longer. I do not fear the fat and love the creamy, rich flavor of Stonyfield Whole Milk Yogurts. 

This summer, when I have a craving for ice cream everyday, some of the time, I try to have a yogurt instead. I did this this past Saturday and it worked. Sometimes, I just want something cold and creamy and this is the perfect option.

Van's Granola and Bars

3. Van's Granola and Bars

I am a big fan of the Van's waffles and so is my husband. We love the Power Grains kind because they contain 10 grams of protein and whole grains in each serving. My daughter loves the Cinnamon Heaven cereal which she just took on our bike ride and snacked on in her bike trailer.

I got to try some of the new Van's products including the double chocolate and banana nut granola clusters. We also got to try the gramwich which is a chocolate and graham-style bar. It is kind of like a s'more. My favorite of the new bunch is the banana bread whole-grain snack bar. I love banana bread and these are awesome! All of these products are whole-grain and are gluten-free.

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