August 05, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 22

Learning Resources Kids Toys

1. Learning Resources Kids Toys

I love finding new learning toys for Adalyn. She is almost two and super smart and talking up a storm. The one area that we are having a bit of trouble with is learning her colors. She knows all of the colors and can say them but cannot identify them. That is when I found this amazing game called Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set for her. 

Learning Resources Kids Toys
There are five baskets of different fruits and vegetables (and they look very realistic!) and you have to put the right color in the correct container. Adalyn is doing so well with this game and is having a blast learning. I love that the produce is full sized instead of tiny and it also helps her to learn her fruits and vegetables. This dietitian mom is proud!!

Learning Resources Kids Toys
We also received the Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow it which you can put the vegetables and flowers in the pot of dirt and then pull them out again. It is fun for Adalyn. We recently brought this set with us to church to keep her quiet and it worked well. Adalyn loves real gardening so this is fun when we do not need to do any gardening.

Stella and Dot Jewelry

2. Stella and Dot Jewelry

I have been a big fan of Stella and Dot jewelry for years now. It is high quality jewelry that comes in all different styles. My favorite item that I received is the Pave Triangle Path Ear Climbers which are so unique! They go on like regular earrings and then you just slide them up your earlobe for a unique look. I have been wearing these the last couple of weeks and have been getting so many compliments on them. 

The other items that I was sent have a kind of Aztec look to them which is very fun as well! I love wearing fun and bold jewelry and Stella and Dot has tons of great options.

Lila Wines and 90+ Cellars Wines

3. Lila Wines and 90+ Cellars Wines

I had never tried wine in a can before but was excited to do so because it is becoming quite trendy. I wanted to know what everyone was talking about! My husband and I tried these Lila Wines awhile ago and I was not the biggest fan of the rose but loved the sauvignon blanc. I do not think that I have tried this kind of wine before but it was easily tied with my other favorite: pinot grigio. It was so crisp, light and full of flavor. It makes the perfect summer wine. I loved it!

I also love the 90+ Cellars pinot grigio and prosecco. Both great wines that are flavorful and perfect for a celebration. 

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