August 26, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 23

1. Sun Basket

I love trying meal services so that when people ask me which one is best, I am able to let them know my honest answer after trying a variety of them. Well, friends, I have found my favorite meal service and it is called Sun Basket. Out of all of the meals that I've tried, Sun Basket has the freshest and most flavorful.

I was sent three meals to try and loved them all. Each meal featured fresh herbs providing so much flavor to the meal. What I liked was that the meals were completely out of the ordinary. I am a fairly skilled cook and if I can make the recipe at home in 10 minutes without many ingredients, I do not need a meal service to order it.
What is different about Sun Basket is that the meals are unordinary and perfect for a date night or fancy dinner at home. They are not super quick like some other meals (though the penne with chickpeas and tomatoes was quite quick) but that is one of the things that I liked about it. If I am going to order a meal service, I want it to be a different kind of meal.

Onto the food! My favorite dish is tied: the harissa rubbed chicken with seared romaine was packed full of flavor and I loved the artichoke, almond, red pepper, olive mixture with the seared romaine. I also love the penne with chickpeas and tomatoes. I never thought about pan roasting chickpeas before and it was amazing with the caramelized onions. I am a huge fan of feta so having feta in it was a complete bonus!
My husband especially loved the salmon with tomatillo avocado salsa and jicama. It was very good but I am just not the biggest fan of jicama. What was neat about trying it was that it was my daughter's first time trying jicama and she liked it. I want Adalyn to try every food so this was great. The salmon was skinless and had no bones which I loved. Salmon is hit or miss for me and this one was excellent.

The ingredients are organic. They also have gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian options available. As you can tell, I absolutely loved Sun Basket. I would definitely recommend it and will consider ordering it again myself in the future.

Garden of Flavor Juices

2. Garden of Flavor Juices

Garden of Flavor juices have such a special spot in my heart because I drank them right after my daughter was born. Having a newborn is absolutely exhausting and for some reason, during the first two weeks after having her, I was not drinking coffee. I had one of these mid-afternoon instead and honestly, felt great.

I don't know if it was the adrenaline of being a new mom or what but I give a lot of credit to Garden of Flavor juices to helping me feel good after having a baby. Since they are packed with fresh vegetables and some fruits, I think that those nutrients helped me to recover.

I was sent some different flavors of the Garden of Flavor juices and loved them. My favorite is the grasshopper which has dark leafy greens, pineapple and mint along with wheatgrass. I loved the pineapple and mint combo so much and loved knowing that I was getting a boost of green veggies. My daughter and I split this and she drank her cup of it so fast! She loved it.

Garden of Flavor Juices

I also love Mean Greens and Green Harmony. Mean Greens is pretty much all green vegetables. If you cannot handle an all green juice, try Green Harmony which is like Mean Greens but also has apples.

I love these juices because they are fresh, tasty and nutrient rich. Also, I emailed my contact about how is there fiber in the juices (most juices do not contain fiber) and she literally emailed me right back with photos of the juices in production that she went and snapped for me. I thought that that was honestly one of the coolest things ever!

She said that their juice is never heated or flash pasteurized and the goodness is pressed from the fruits and vegetables and some of the fiber remains. Their mesh bags hold some of the "pulp" back but some is allowed. If you know me, I talk about usually not drinking your calories but when a product is as naturally nutrient packed and even has fiber as these do, I would definitely recommend them, especially the green juices.Bare Chips

3. Bare Chips

Adalyn loves snacks and always tries to go in our cupboards and steal chips. Of course I do not want her to have chips on a regular basis so I give her these different Bare chips made with bananas, apples and coconut. My favorite are the coconut and Adalyn loves the apple and banana chips. They are baked and gluten-free. There is not added sugar and only contains the fruit or maybe some cinnamon added.

These make a great snack on a road trip because they are not messy, don't make crumbs or anything else. Adalyn loves taking yogurt pouches and squeezing them in the car so a no-mess snack like this is much appreciated by this mom!

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