October 28, 2016

Products I've Been Loving in 2016 Part 29

Belabumbum Maternity Activewear

1. Belabumbum Maternity Activewear

I have heard about Belabumbum for awhile for their nightgowns and maternity sleepwear and recently learned about their maternity activewear. I was sent the yoga jogger pant in grey heather seen above and I pretty much haven't taken them off since I took this photo. They are so comfortable and feel really good on my growing bump. I have worn them for walks but mainly love them for lounging around. With the weather getting colder, these are perfect!

Belabumbum Maternity Activewear
I was also sent the convertible capri pants which came in a pretty lilac color. These are perfect for any workout and I love that they come up high or can be folded down. I love the hoodie wrap and room to flow jacket which are bigger than my normal size and will fit better once I grow more. I love having workout clothes that I feel good in that are not too tight and can fit my expanding belly (and everything else too).

October FitSnack Box

2. October FitSnack Box

I love getting a FitSnack Box because of the variety of healthier snacks. My daughter loved the freeze dried apples and pouch. I like the Fruit Chia bars for a healthier fruit rollup/fruit snack type of treat. RW Garcia is an excellent brand of tortilla chips and I like these smaller bags because I can send them in Troy's lunch with some salsa or hummus.

I am trying to like kombucha more and am excited to try the kombucha making kit. Tessamae's is a brand of dressings, dips and marinades and they are made with real ingredients such as oil, vinegar, lemon and more instead of a bunch of unknown ingredients. This was a fun snack box to try!

For 50% off your first box, use this link.

Bolthouse Farms Juices

3. Bolthouse Farms Juices and Dressings

With being pregnant and not being able to drink alcohol, I have been loving to drink mocktails. My favorite thing is mixing club soda, ice, some kind of juice and maybe a squeeze of fresh lime juice. I love it! It is a fun thing to do when other people in my family are having a glass of wine.

I love using these juices from Bolthouse Farms for my mocktails. My daughter and I like the multi-v goodness cherry. It is thicker than a typical juice and more like a smoothie which we both like. I mixed Adalyn's with some water since she doesn't drink much juice. The raspberry blood orange is also really tasty!
Bolthouse Farms Caramelized Sweet Onion Yogurt Dressing
Since I started working with Bolthouse Farms, I fell in love with their salad dressings. In fact, I got my whole family to start buying them! I especially love that you can have their creamy dressings that are yogurt based for only about 50 calories. They are not a diet, fat-free yucky chemically dressing but a tasty, creamy dressing that I can feel better about eating. My mom, dad, sister, husband, daughter and I are all hooked now. I have been having even more veggies and dip because having a good dressing on hand certainly helps. This caramelized sweet onion dressing is perfect for fall salads with kale or spinach, roasted squash and more!

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  1. I do not find Dr. Mercola to be a good source of information or something that I trust. While I appreciate you writing this to me, I am happy with my prenatal vitamins. Thank you : )


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