October 11, 2016

10 Favorite Things to Do With My Daughter

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you know that my daughter is my world. People I work with joke "it's sad you don't like your daughter" because I am constantly talking about her. Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things to do with my daughter who just turned two years old.

1. After work snacks- I pick up Adalyn from my mom's or mother-in-laws almost every day and after work, we usually sit together and have a snack. I love this time together! We have the same taste in food so it works out really well. Lots of fruit for us!

2. Anything we do on Wednesdays- I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love spending Wednesdays with my daughter. It is the only day of the week that I do not work and we always do something fun together. Sometimes we go to the zoo, out to lunch, to Belle Isle park, a playdate, etc. I love this special time together.

3. Read books together- Adalyn loves all kinds of books, especially those about Halloween, animals, Elmo or Barney. She will sit and read all day if you let her!

4. Have tea parties- Adalyn loves playing tea party, especially when I let her have real tea. We do decaf herbal teas such as peach or wild sweet orange unsweetened which she loves. We sit at her little princess table and drink it together.

5. Walk to the church- Adalyn loves to go walk to our local church, say a prayer and run around crazy. I love it.

6. Pick fruit- Adalyn and I are both the biggest fruit fans and we love going to my dad's farm and picking our own fruit.

7. Go swimming- At the moment, it is too cold to swim but all summer long, we visited a bunch of beaches and pools and have so much fun together.

8. Doing anything with Dad- It is not just the two of us! Our little family is made up of Troy, Adalyn and I and every evening and weekend day, we do fun things together. We love the zoo, playgrounds, family time and more. I love these two more than anything in the world!

9. Cuddle- Adalyn doesn't sit still too often but every so often, she gives me a couple of minutes of cuddle time and it means the world to me! Adalyn is super loving and gives millions of hugs and kisses and teaches me to better show love.

10. Dress like twins- At two years of age, Adalyn doesn't mind yet dressing like Mom. When I saw that Minnetonka had matching kid and adult boots, I was sold!! For myself, I chose the 5 layer fringe boots in dusty brown. For Adalyn, I chose the 3 layer fringe boots in dusty brown. They are so cute!

After Adalyn's nap one day, I told her that I had a surprise for her. She was so excited and kept saying "surprise! surprise!". We went downstairs and I showed her my boots first and then I showed her that she has the same ones. She was so excited! She wore them all day that day.

These boots are so adorable for fall and I am so excited to finally have gotten some Minnetonkas which I have always wanted. They are high quality boots that fit pretty true to size. They are very soft and have the nicest suede smell. I would wear these with a skirt, pants or a dress.

Also, we were sent a tiny pair for the baby which I am so excited about. We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet but these would be good for either.

I cannot wait to match my little girl all fall and winter long. Oh yeah, and these are just 10 of the one million things I love to do with Adalyn. Just a few that I thought of with many more new things coming about daily.

Thank you to Minnetonka for providing me with these boots for review! All opinions are my own.

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