October 26, 2016

How Supplemental Insurance Can Help with Health Care Costs

How Supplemental Insurance Can Help with Health Care Costs
On this blog, I talk about all aspects of health. I focus on nutrition the most but also talk about eye health, dental health, mental health, regular doctors visits, etc. My grandma says it best, "when you have your health, you have everything"!

In triage at the hospital before I had Adalyn. Despite the smile, I was in a lot of pain!

Supplemental Health Insurance

I wanted to talk about supplemental health insurance which along with your regular health insurance, can be very beneficial. I turned 26 in November of last year and finally had to get off of my dad's insurance at the end of that year. I have been on my husband's insurance the last 10 months. He is a teacher and has good major medical insurance (though we have to pay a pretty penny for it of course..). I have not had to use it much yet to pay major bills so I hope that when we do have more costly medical expenses, our insurance will help to cover the bills.

You can look into different types of supplemental insurance such as Aflac. A lot of people use supplemental insurance and have amazing things to say about them. I work in the health care field and my co-workers have said they feel comfortable having supplemental insurance as a backup to their regular insurance, especially because my work does not provide the greatest major medical insurance.

Supplemental insurance is around to help cover your additional health care expenses that you major medical insurance may not cover, especially for a serious health event. Out-of-pocket costs can be really high. Just for a normal hospital visit and birth when I had Adalyn, I had to pay about $2,000 out of pocket! Instead of having to pay this amount out of pocket, I could have had supplemental insurance which would have helped to cover these expenses.

They pay cash when you are sick or hurt so that you can focus on recovery, not the stress of medical bills. Some examples of what supplemental insurance policies may help cover are accidents, disability, critical illness, cancer, hospital stays, etc. They pays cash to you, unless otherwise assigned, and you can decide how to use these benefits.

It can be beneficial for those who are new to the workforce, middle-career workers and for people who are at the end of their careers. For me, as we are a growing family, supplemental insurance would be helpful for this stage of our lives.

Life Insurance 

Along with health insurance, it can be helpful to have life insurance. We have a smallish life insurance policy in case something happens to us. You can check out Fabric by Gerber Life which is instant life insurance. This insurance is especially aimed at those with young children such as us. Prices start really low at under $8 a month. It comes with differing amounts of coverage such as $100,000-$5,000,000. It is designed for busy parents to be done quickly and easily. If you're trying to decide if getting life insurance is a good idea for you, check out this article "Do you need life insurance?". 

You can also learn more about life insurance coverage with this Life Insurance 101 information.

The best moment of my life!

There are different supplemental policies that are available that you may need depending on your different life stages. Check out your options!

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