November 04, 2016

Products I've Been Loving in 2016 Part 30

Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

1. Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

This is my husband's first pair of Pearl Izumi running shoes and he loves them. For me, it is my 4th pair! I am a huge fan of Pearl Izumi shoes because they are so, so comfortable and cushy. I am about 17 weeks pregnant (hi baby bump in the pictures!) and comfort is what I am all about! I wear these shoes all around for errands, walks and even to work.

Pearl Izumi Running Shoes
I was sent the women's road H3 v2 shoes in smoked pearl/purple wine. They are a stability shoe known for their plush feeling. I am very happy with these shoes.

Pearl Izumi Running Shoes
Troy was sent the trail N2 v3 shoes and they are my favorite running shoes that he has. I love the green colors and red together. He is used to a more supportive running shoe and was shocked how comfortable these are for walking. He always says that his legs hurt after a long walk with me (but not after a run) because I walk so fast- now he has no excuse with these super comfy shoes. Something I love about Pearl Izumi shoes is the seamless upper for more comfort. These also allow for natural forefoot splay and foot swelling which helps for comfort. 
Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix

2. Kodiak Cakes

I've been writing about it for years that Kodiak cakes is my favorite pancake and waffle mix. We have tried other brands and none are as delicious or even close to being as nutritious as Kodiak Cakes. I love they are whole-grain and have more protein than other brands. They are awesome as pancakes but our favorite way to eat them is as waffles. My husband is the waffle maker in the family and we love that you just have to add water to this mix which is super easy.
For a treat, we also enjoy the Minute Muffins and just got to try the Kodiak Cakes unleashed which is a flapjack mix for on-the-go. You just add water and microwave. I like these for travel or for work for a quick breakfast or snack.

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