December 13, 2016

The Best Teacher Gift Ideas

My husband has been a high school science teacher for 5 years now. Where has the time gone? You wouldn't believe some of the crazy stories I hear from him and some of the interesting stuff he has to go through. Teachers work so hard before, during and after school. People think that a teachers job is from 8-3. Yeah right!

Troy gets to work a little after 7 AM each morning to answer questions for kids, setup labs, make copies, let kids take quizzes they missed, etc. Then, after school, Troy stays till nearly 4 PM most days getting ready for lessons the next day. Each night, I go to bed early and Troy spends about 2 hours every night planning lessons, grading papers, answering emails from teachers and parent, entering grades and more. It is literally never ending.

He loves his job so much that sometimes, on Friday or Saturday nights, I have to say, "Troy, can we please talk about something other than your job for a minute!!". Troy is so passionate about being a teacher, helping the students and being extremely effective and making an impact on their lives. I think that being a teacher is definitely the perfect job for him.
Anyways, teachers work very hard! When the holidays come, they deserve a nice gift. To be honest, Troy barely gets any gifts from students, probably because it is high school, not elementary but any gifts he does get, he is very thankful.

Here are some fun teacher gift ideas:

1. Gift certificates

You cannot go wrong with a gift certificate. Troy has gotten a couple of gift certificates from students and it is so versatile. Restaurants are great so that people can go out to eat or also is it nice to give it to popular department stores.

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars are simple to make, only require 6 ingredients, and are full of that salty-sweet flavor that everyone loves!

2. Homemade treats

People love to bake during the holiday season so why not bake the teacher in your life a treat? You can send any kind of cookie, cheesecake or pumpkin anything Troy's way!

3. Movie theater gift card

Most people seem to like to go to the movies and a gift card to a movie theater would be fun so that the teacher can choose whatever movie they like whenever they want to see it.

Vance Family Soy Candles

4. Candles

Especially for female teachers, seasonal candle scents are great! Other similar ideas are quality lotions and hand soaps.

5. Quality pens

Teachers write a lot. Troy is constantly grading papers and planning lessons. Getting a nice, high quality pen is so nice and Troy says they write very differently. Bonus points if it has a comfort band on it. 

6. Coffee and coffee mugs

Teachers need to stay caffeinated like anyone else and a bag of coffee grounds with a cute coffee cup are always a fun gift. Troy got to try one of his favorite coffees this way!

7. Chocolate

Around the holidays, there are tons of quality chocolates available and many people like getting these for a gift. Troy is not a big chocolate fan though but I know that he is in the minority with this one.

8. Gifts from the At Home store

I am new to the At Home stores and absolutely loved shopping there! There are not a ton in our area but the closest one happens to be only 25 minutes away.  They have so many different fun teacher gifts that any teacher would love. If in doubt, buy a gift card there so that they can choose what they want themselves.

I loved all of the holiday decor especially. The sparkles, color and religious items really caught my eye. The items were affordable and I was totally overwhelmed about how much the store had to offer. They had everything that you could possibly want for your home.

Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt is a healthier treat with just 5 ingredients, is packed full of protein with Greek yogurt and tastes like an indulgent dessert with rich cream cheese, strawberries and graham crackers.
Recipe coming 2017 using these cute dishes!!
A fun teacher gift that I picked up for a teacher in Troy's school (they have secret santa) is these little cobalt blue dishes that I will fill with treats. They are so cute!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by At Home Stores and all opinions are my own. #MyReason #AtHomeStores

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