January 06, 2017

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 33

***This wraps up the 2016 series (I needed to post a little late due to tons of 2016 end of year deadlines). Stay tuned for a new 2017 series of product reviews!

1. Terra's Kitchen

I had heard good things about Terra's Kitchen and I love to try different meal services. Something about getting fresh ingredients delivered right to your door is so amazing. This meal service came at a really difficult time in our lives when my grandma was super sick in the hospital and then passed away. I unfortunately did not get to make a few of the meals because they went bad due to spending nearly a week in the hospital visiting and when I contacted Terra's Kitchen about what had happened, they kindly provided me with a credit to try more food. Great customer service! Especially during difficult times. 
I got to try the chicken souvlaki bowl which my whole family loved so much! It was full of flavor and I would recreate it at home. I also loved the avocado pesto pasta. My daughter could not get enough of the "green pasta".

What is really unique about Terra's Kitchen is how the package comes. If comes in a cooler that keeps your food cold all day. I thought this was really neat! It keeps everything organized as well. The next day, FedEx comes and picks your container back up to ship back. All of the food that I did get to try was delicious and I would highly recommend it!

Use the code MINUTRITION30 for $30 off your first order.

2. Tobi Clothing

I was recently contacted by Tobi to try their clothing and am so glad to have found them. I especially love the Tobi Infinite Bliss Skater Dress which is not maternity but fits me really well right now. I wore it to my grandma's funeral recently and was happy with it. 

My grandma loved bright colors so we all made sure to wear colors that she would love in loving memory of her! I love that it is long sleeved so I do not need to wear a sweater with it or anything and think that it looks very nice.

I was also sent the Trina Trench Coat and the Tobi Waterfalling Draped Jacket which are a little larger than I would prefer but I think that the style is supposed to be not as fitted. The items seem to be good quality and are quite affordable. There are so, so many different clothing options so there is a bound to be a style that everyone loves.

Maille Mustards

3. Maille Mustards

I love different kind of mustards and lately, my favorite way to eat vegetables is roasted with a light mustard sauce. I have made chicken and pork this way as well. What I do is roast the meat or vegetables in the oven and then drizzle in a mustard and vinegar sauce which tastes amazing on cooked veggies. My family has been doing this for many years with Dijon mustard and it is fun to experiment with these different flavors. The parmesan cheese and basil one is really good on sandwiches. I love these quality products that are different than your typical mustards.

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