January 16, 2017

Scrubs for Dietitians

Scrubs for Dietitians

At work on a day-to-day basis, I wear business casual clothing. As a manager of my department, a registered dietitian in a long-term care facility, I have the ability to dress how I like as long as it is professional. I will often wear a sweater, blouse or any kind of top with dress pants or black pants that look nice but are super comfortable. On Fridays, we are allowed to wear jeans which I love. I have one pair of maternity jeans that fit so I seriously wear those every single Friday right now- haha! I love to dress professional for work and want to share my tips to do so.

Do dietitians wear scrubs?

Sometimes, it is fun to wear scrubs as a dietitian when I do not want to wear business clothes. What I love about scrubs is that they are comfortable but are also professional and look very nice. Scrubs used to be less flattering for women and just have a boxy shape but now, they have all different kinds that look much nicer on and that you can feel good about wearing.

What do dietitians wear?

When I like to wear scrubs especially is when I know that I will be working hard in the kitchen. As a dietitian, I have to do monthly sanitation audits in the kitchen and when I find issues, sometimes, I will get down and clean things myself, especially when we are expecting a state survey. Scrubs make it so that I can get down and clean hard easier. Also, a couple of times, I have had to fill in in the kitchen when we have employees that have called off. If I kept a pair of scrubs at work, I could wear them when I need to.

Most of my coworkers wear scrubs everyday. In fact, out of about 200 employees, maybe only 10 people or so do not wear scrubs! Each department in my building wears a different color to signify what their jobs are which makes it pretty convenient for both staff and residents when they have a question. My department (dietary) wears black. Nursing aides wear burgundy and nurses wear a light blue.

I am amazed at the different styles of scrubs they have that actually look very nice on. One of the dietitians in my company chooses to wear scrubs everyday because she likes that they are professional and comfortable. Her daughter is about the same age as mine and us busy mamas know that sometimes, it is much easier to wear something comfortable that does not take a lot of effort because parenting is busy and tiring enough!

I like the scrubs from Landau which come in many different patterns, styles and colors. In the summer, you can get a cooler style so you will not be as hot. If you love a certain color, they are bound to have it. These scrubs are high quality and are affordable- a must for work clothes! I like scrubs that are more fitted so I love that this company has some of those as well. They have many sizes including XS-5XL. These scrubs are sold on Amazon, Landau.com and different uniform and scrub stores.

I got these in hot pink and was sent two pairs so my sister and I can be scrub twins! She is a dental assistant and wears scrubs everyday to work. These are high quality and the stretch is really nice for when she has to move all around quickly for comfort. Landau scrubs are functional, comfortable and perfect for work.

Where to Buy Scrubs for Dietitians

You can buy scrubs for dietitians on Amazon.

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