February 01, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 2

Black Bean Burgers

1. Terra's Kitchen

I love trying out different meal services and am a big fan of Terra's Kitchen. You get all of the ingredients for different meals sent right to your home and they are quite easy to make. What I like about them that is different from other meal delivery services is that they have quite a large menu that you can choose from. Some companies have only 4-6 meals to choose from and Terra's Kitchen lets you choose from a lot more.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos
For this order, I chose buffalo chicken tacos, black bean burgers with avocado and creamy chipotle sauce and chicken with green beans in a sweet and sour bacon sauce. All three meals were so good! I  was inspired by the black bean burgers to make them at home myself because they were super easy.
Chicken with green beans in a sweet and sour bacon sauce
My 2 year old loves the buffalo chicken tacos- especially the blue cheese crumbles. My husband and I loved the bacon and Dijon sauce on the chicken and green beans. We do not eat a ton of red meat and I like that with Terra's Kitchen, you can choose which meals work best for your family: vegetarian, more meat and less carbs, etc.

What is really unique about Terra's Kitchen is how the package comes. If comes in a cooler that keeps your food cold all day. I thought this was really neat! It keeps everything organized as well. The next day, FedEx comes and picks your container back up to ship back. Use the code MINUTRITION30 for $30 off your first order.

Bolthouse Farms Dressings and Carrots

2. Bolthouse Farms Dressings and Carrots

I love Bolthouse Farms products and finally got to try the Salsa Verde Avocado Yogurt Dressing that I have been wanting to try. It is so good! I love that these dressings are yogurt based and healthier than other options. They are affordable too!

My daughter is literally obsessed with the chunky blue cheese dressing and we have to take it away from the table sometimes because she wants more and more. In fact, when I got the package, before I could put the dressing in the fridge, my 2 year old took the dressing in the other room and was hiding it. She got it open and was starting to eat it when I caught her!!! She loves this dressing so much haha.

These carrots were really fun to eat. About 5-6 days per week, I snack on sliced carrots. I either cut my own carrots up or buy baby carrots. I loved the variety of these carrot chips. You can see in my chicken and green bean picture above, I used some of the carrot chips to bulk up the meal a little more. They are very fun!

Daily Goodie Box

3. Daily Goodie Box

I recently was sent Daily Goodie Box to try and liked some of the fun snacks that were included in the box. My husband enjoyed the Beanfields nacho bean and rice chips with his lunch at work. The Gary Poppkins simply sea salt popcorn was enjoyed by my daughter while watching a movie- she is too cute snacking on her popcorn! I liked the EM + PACT energy bar.

What is so awesome about Daily Goodie Boxes is that they are completely free! You just have to give feedback on the products that you received. No credit card required, no payments ever! I love it.

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