February 28, 2017

Staying Sharp with Brain Health

Staying Sharp with Brain Health
As a registered dietitian, all areas of health are very interesting and important to me. I work in long-term care where I see all kinds of age-related diseases that relate to brain health. I see people who are elderly and people who are younger with different brain health issues. Therefore, brain health is especially important and prevention of brain related issues is something that I enjoy reading about.
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Grilled Salmon Chopped Greek Salad
Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids!
On a different note, for my unborn baby and also for my daughter, I read a lot about brain health and how important omega-3 fatty acids are for brain health. During both of my pregnancies and while breastfeeding, I have been making sure to consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and also take a supplement to ensure that I am getting enough. My daughter is super smart and seems to be a bit advanced for her age (according to what others tell me at least) and I attribute at least part of that to omega-3's.
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Load your oatmeal up with chia seeds and ground flax for a boost of omega-3!
AARP has a program called Staying Sharp which is helpful for all ages to focus on promoting and maintaining brain health. It is a subscription based, online platform that focuses on holistic brain health including different games that can help keep your brain sharp. They also have healthy recipes that have nutrients that are especially beneficial for brain health. Do not wait until you or your family members are elderly! Focus on brain health now.
Staying Sharp focuses on 5 brain health pillars: move, nourish, relax, discover and connect. The nourish portion focuses on eating right and move is of course about staying active. Relax is about managing stress. Discover is about learning new things and keeping your brain sharp. Connect is about being social with others.
They have a Brain Health Assessment tool which is scientifically backed and clinically-validated that helps to answer questions such as how you are performing compared to others in your age group and how well your brain is doing. From there, your plan is based on your assessment and the areas that they think could be improved. The science to back this program up comes from the Global Council on Brain Health which is composed of scientists, health professionals, scholars and policy experts from around the world that work in brain health.
Yum! These are some of the healthy recipes on the Staying Sharp site!

I enjoyed checking out this site and thought that it was very helpful for brain health. Brain health issues are very difficult and prevention is the best medicine! By focusing on these 5 areas of brain health (especially nutrition of course!), I think that it could be very beneficial.


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