February 15, 2017

Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

As I write this, I am 32 weeks pregnant but as you are reading this, I am now 33 1/2 weeks along! Follow me on Instagram for frequent baby bump pictures and pregnancy updates. Since I am coming to the end of my pregnancy, I figured that it was time for a little update of what is going on with me and baby (luckily, not too much!).

How far along am I? 34 1weeks

How is baby looking? Baby is measuring well (a little behind but so was Adalyn at this point- the doctor is not worried). His heart rate is perfect and no issues have been detected. Praise god!

Sleep- Actually, I am doing a lot better than I was with Adalyn. With Adalyn, my hips bothered me a lot and I am not having too many issues with that which bothered me at night. I am only getting up one time per night to go to the bathroom which I don't think is too bad. I go to bed early like a grandma because I need my sleep, or else. I have trouble sleeping in past 6 AM, even on the weekends.

Symptoms- Overall, I am feeling great! I eat well and exercise and get enough sleep (usually) so I attribute that to feeling good. Some symptoms that I am experiencing- being crazy tired at random times- lunchtime at work and after work especially. I notice myself able to do a lot less right now which is hard on me mentally but I am lucky to have a supportive husband who constantly reassures me that it is totally okay and helps out when I need it.

I was experiencing a ton of pelvic pain which has gotten much better since reducing exercise though I still experience it at times. I have had light heartburn which I didn't really have with Adalyn. I just drink peppermint tea when I get it which seems to help. I also just feel uncomfortable a lot of the time which I do not really know how to describe well but I think it just has to do with being so far along. I just feel big, achy and sometimes, it is a bit harder to move.

I have a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions all the time, especially when I stand up if I have been sitting down. With Adalyn, these did not get painful until labor but with this baby, they have been fairly painful from about 22 weeks on. My doctor says that this is very normal with a second pregnancy. I am also experiencing heartburn which is new to me.

Food cravings- My food cravings were super strong up to about 20 weeks pregnant but since then, I pretty much just have an excellent appetite for anything and everything. I eat a ton each day- especially when I am at work sitting at my desk.

Weight gain- At 30 weeks, I was up 23 pounds- my body knows exactly what to do!

Exercise- I am really proud of myself for a really unusual reason. Around 26 weeks pregnant, I was having a lot of pelvic pain. My doctor checked to make sure that I was not dilating (I was not) and he said that I may need to take it down a notch with exercise. I was doing a lot of walking (I seriously love to walk) and it was hard for me to cut back. I did it though and am accepting that I cannot walk as much as usual and am listening to my body so well.

My goal is around 70,000 steps per week compared to about 90,000 steps per week that I was doing before. I do not care if I meet my daily step goal at this point but do try to stay active overall through the week. Some days, my body tells me to take it easy and some days, I feel good walking a few miles.

About one day per week, I do a workout video by Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube which I love so much for prenatal fitness. It gives me a great workout while being very safe for pregnancy. I have been doing it for awhile and it is getting harder to do but I try to do it at least once per week to keep my body strong. I remember how tough labor was and I am trying to keep my body in shape to get this baby out of me ASAP when the time comes!!

Movement- All through the day and even more at night, I feel lots of baby kicks which I am so thankful for. Troy loves feeling them this time around and is so amazed. Adalyn has gotten to feel some kicks as well!

Baby's name- We have a name which we are telling family and friends but I will wait to reveal it on the blog until after he is born.

Preparing big sister- Adalyn is super excited to become a big sister. She tells me that she will help with the baby and she will not "hit, bite or push him" so if those things are true, we are off to a good start!! Lol. I am of course a little worried about the change and never, ever want Adalyn to feel like second choice but I guess that that is a pretty common concern for moms two are going from one child to two. Adalyn loves saying the baby's name, rubbing my belly, feeling him kick and talking to him such as asking him if he likes going to the park (haha!).

Getting ready for baby- Getting ready for baby to be born is so much easier this time because we already have most of the baby gear, we do not have to take birth classes, the nursery is already mostly setup, etc. I did get a bunch of new prints and decals for his room which we setup. I have a few more things to buy until we are fully ready. Troy made sure that all of our baby gear was working (a couple items were not so we had to replace them). We have been making meals for after the baby is born. So far we have: butternut squash soup, salsa verde enchiladas, lasagnas and red enchiladas. I just want to be as prepared as possible!!!

31 Weeks
Work- I am still working 4 days per week out the house and of course, blogging everyday. I plan to work right up until I am in labor. Though it has become a lot harder lately to sit up in a chair or stand for so much of the day. I feel better on days that I am at home. I am trying to take it easier but so far, no such luck.

Getting ready for labor and delivery- We have a basic birth plan in place (I want an epidural, delayed cord clamping, plan to breastfeed, hope to avoid an episiotomy this time and probably a couple more things. I am trying to keep up with my squats and such at least once a week so my body feels strong for labor. We plan to deliver at the same hospital as last time.

So that my friends, is my third trimester pregnancy update! Baby will be here soon and we can't wait!

**Thanks to my mom for the little impromptu farm maternity shoot!

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