Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Best Products (and Places) of 2017 Part 7

Adventure Bay Family Water Park

1. Adventure Bay Family Water Park

We just had the most fun time over at Adventure Bay water park in Windsor which is in Canada. I had never been before and was surprised how close it was to my home. Including the time it took to get over the border, it took us 25-30 minutes to get there. Since it is so close, I plan to go back a bunch. This indoor water park reminds me of other really nice water parks but it is closer to home and affordable to go. A day pass is $23.

Adventure Bay Family Water Park
The water park was large and had plenty of stuff to do for a two year old all the way through an adult. My sister and her boyfriend came along with us and they really enjoyed it as well. There were two huge water slides that I could not believe how crazy they were! One had huge drops like a roller coaster and the other one swished you around from side to side in a huge opening. I loved both of them. 

Adventure Bay Family Water Park
The other water slides I could not do because I cannot lay on my stomach (8 months pregnant...) but my sister and her boyfriend said that they were great. My daughter really enjoyed the wave pool and the lazy river especially. 

Adventure Bay Family Water Park
She wore a life jacket the whole time and we got to see her becoming more comfortable in the water as the day went on. We enjoyed seeing pure joy on her face the entire time we were there! 

Adventure Bay Family Water Park
There was also an awesome surfing area that Troy and Joe tried out. I missed the photo op on that one! I really enjoyed our time there and so did all 5 of us. I would definitely recommend going and plan to go again ourselves.

Daily Harvest Smoothies

2. Daily Harvest Smoothies

I have always been a huge fan of smoothies and when they come with everything you need for them in a cup besides the liquid- you know I am going to be interested! I read another blogger's opinion on these smoothies and wanted to try them for myself. I was sent 6 smoothies to try including Mint + Cacao, Strawberry + Peach, Acai + cherry, Mango + papaya, carrot + chia and mango + camu. 

Daily Harvest Smoothies
The first one that I tried was the mint + cacao which was so good! You can blend these with either milk or water. I prefer milk if you want a creamy texture or water if you want a lighter smoothie. The ingredients include banana, spinach, cacao, cashews, chlorella, vanilla bean and mint oil. It tastes like an ice cream shake. So good!

Daily Harvest Smoothies
I am happy with the other smoothies as well. It is so easy to throw the ingredients for these in the blender with some liquid and not have to worry about having different ingredients on hand, making sure that they are fresh and spending time throwing each ingredient into the blender. The smoothies are made with fresh, organic, real ingredients. They are picked at the peak of freshness for maximum flavor and nutrition. These smoothies are delicious and come in many fun flavors.

3. Natalie's Orchid Island Juices

We do not drink juice on a daily basis but I love it as a treat. Since I have been pregnant, I love making myself little mocktails using fresh juices. I recently was sent a variety of Natalie's juices to try and loved them. They have common flavors like orange juice and lemonade but my favorite flavors were the less common varieties. My daughter and I loved the tangerine juice and blood orange juice. It was so fresh and flavorful. 

Natalie's Orchid Island Juices

It is rare to be able to find juices in these flavors and we really enjoyed them. Most of them are 100% juice (the lemonade of course has to have sugar added to it for example). They have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. These are some of the best juices that I have had. Super delicious!

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