March 02, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 6

This version is a little different than my usual "The Best Products of 2017" posts because all of the products are toddler oriented. They are loved by my daughter Adalyn. Enjoy!
Educational Insights Playfoam
Apparently, Adalyn is shocked at how fun the Playfoam is! haha

1. Educational Insights Playfoam

I can't even lie to you- I like this toy as much as Adalyn does! This Playfoam is so much fun and does not make a mess like other similar things do. It is kind of like play dough but different. It does not dry out or stick to anything which we love. I like that Adalyn can be creative with it, mix the different colors together and have fun!

Disney SoapSox Ariel

2. Disney SoapSox

Adalyn is very into Disney movies right now. She dresses up as a princess every single day. She is loving this Ariel toy that goes right in the bath and can be used as a washcloth. Bath toys are a favorite in our household and this one is cute and functional.

Marcus & Marcus Muffin Cups

3. Marcus & Marcus Muffin Cups

We love snacks around our house and Adalyn is a big muffin fan. When I saw this bus muffin cups, I knew that Adalyn would love them! They are made of silicone and we will use them when baking together. They are a fun take on regular muffin tins.

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  1. OK I don't even have children and I though all these products were just adorable! Those muffin cups!


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