March 22, 2017

Why Staying Hydrated is Important

Why Staying Hydrated is Important
As a dietitian, I know the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated. Sure, nutrition is what I spend most of my days talking about but hydration is also super important. When you are hydrated, you are more likely to feel your best. Even slight dehydration can affect your mood, making you feel more irritable. It can encourage you to overeat since you may confuse thirst with hunger. Also, you may feel more tired and low on energy due to dehydration.

Here are some tips on why staying hydrated is important and tips to stay hydrated:

Peach Green Tea Sangria is easy to make and is customizable with your favorite kinds of fruit. Cool down with a iced glass of this fun beverage!
I love herbal tea for staying hydrated as well for a little flavor!

1. Dehydration can lead to irritability

Personally, when I am dehydrated, even a bit, I notice that I get irritable. My husband knows to make sure that my water bottle is full. Lol!! I feel my best when I stay hydrated. If I get irritable for no reason, I know to chug some water quickly and I will often feel better within just a couple of minutes. It is so crazy what an effect hydration can have on the body and mind.

Spicy Gazpacho Soup takes 10 minutes to make and is full of flavor with fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, bell peppers and basil for a light and fresh meal!
This Spicy Gazpacho Soup will keep you hydrated with all of the vegetables!

2. Hydration is important for kids as well as adults

My daughter is 2 1/2 now and she loves drinking water which I am thrilled about. We do not do a lot of juice in our household and she is not the best at drinking milk so water is what she is drinking 90% of the time. We have been sharing my reusable water bottle since she was little and for Christmas, I got her one that is the same brand as mine in a kid's size. It is so cute! This helps encourage Adalyn to drink more water and stay hydrated. Make sure you are offering your child plenty of fluids through the day to stay hydrated.

Healthy Shamrock Shake is a lighter take on your favorite St. Patrick's Day shake that takes 5 minutes to make and is perfect for dessert, a snack or breakfast.
This Healthy Shamrock Shake is a fun snack for kids that is full of fluids- plus, it gives them a boost of vitamins from spinach!

3. How much fluids to drink per day

It is necessary for kids and adults to drink enough fluids, especially water, to feel their best. A general guideline for drinking water is to have 8 glasses per day. This varies depending on age, how much you exercise, the weather, etc. A general rule of thumb is to drink something anytime you feel thirsty. I personally drink a lot more than 8 cups per day.

Grilled Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs are a quick and simple side dish that are packed with nutrients and are customizable with any produce you have on hand!

4. Water is not the only source of fluids- food is too!

To be honest, sometimes, I worry that Adalyn does not drink enough but she does eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. Along with water, fruits, vegetables, soup, and popsicles also provide fluids. Especially on a hot day, provide your kids with these types of foods to make sure that they are getting enough to drink. Adalyn could eat 20 pieces of fruit a day if I let her so I know that she is getting a lot of fluid through that.

5. Stock on on disposable bottles for a healthy party beverage

While we use reusable water bottles on a daily basis, for parties and on the go, it is nice to have disposable water bottles on hand.

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