May 02, 2017

One Month In with Two Kids

We are one month in with having two kids and I just wanted to pop in to share some cute pictures of the kids! Life is good and the transition has been really good for us. I will share more in Oliver's one month update.

Naps for all the Hernandez men

Happy Easter!
Post bath 'do
The Easter bunny was a big hit

Twins! Yep, this is going to be happening a lot. Troy was always jealous when I matched Adalyn and now, it is his turn to match Oliver!
The swaddle love has been strong for both of our kids!
The whole family on Easter!

I was showing Troy this picture and was like "look how cute Oliver looks"- Troy then pointed out that Oliver was showing me a special finger!! I didn't even notice!

Life is so good! God is good!

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  1. What a beautiful family and beautiful photos. I had to laugh when I saw the picture with the "special finger". Looks like a great first month as a family of four!

  2. You have a lovely family. Oliver is so adorable, especially in that flannel shirt.


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