June 16, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 13

Juice from the Raw

1. Juice from the Raw

I love trying different fresh juices! Not as a cleanse or detox but to go along with the other foods that I eat. I was sent the 3 day believer cleanse with cashew milk and have been enjoying these with a snack or meal. My favorites are a tie between the Pineapple Mint and the Spicy Lemonade. 

These arrived right at the perfect time right before I was leaving for a trip. My sister was over and we each grabbed a couple to take along with us. She tried the Sweet Greens and enjoyed it. She also grabbed a Spicy Lemonade and split it with my dad on our trip and they both thought it was so good. So much so that they want to try to make it themselves at home.

I love the Pineapple Mint because that combination is so refreshing and tasty. I used the Cashew Milk to make Adalyn's beloved "hot chocolate" which was just this and some cocoa powder. She enjoyed it! The Detox Greens drink was definitely a green tasting drink. I liked the flavor but was not a fan of the smell of it- I thought that the kale (or something) gave it a cabbage scent but thought it tasted fine. 

These juices were tasty and a fun change from my typical water and coffee that I drink.

G.H. Cretors Popcorn

2. G.H. Cretors Popcorn

I was sent the most fun package from G.H. Cretors. It contained some of their awesome popcorn which I've been a fan of for years. I love a sweet and salty combination and the mix of caramel corn with cheddar cheese popcorn is awesome. Pair this popcorn with a glass of wine and you have yourself the perfect date night treats!

They sent me the new movies Arrival and Moonlight which I have not seen yet but am excited to have a date night at home with my husband watching these (we have 2 young kids so going out is rarely ever an option). My favorite item that they sent me is the super soft blanket in the background. I love to cozy up in a blanket and watch a movie so this one is perfect (pictured in blue in the background).

Canvas on Demand

3. Canvas on Demand

I am beyond excited to share my new canvas with you!!! I created a collage of some of my favorite Nutritionist Reviews recipes and photos and got a beautiful canvas made from Canvas on Demand with those pictures. I am going to hang it in my new home office that I recently painted. You can kind of see the color of the walls behind the canvas. The images are super sharp and look amazing. The canvas shipped quick and is awesome quality. I am so happy with my new canvas from Canvas on Demand!

4. Degustabox

I first tried Degustabox last month and was quite a fan! I love how they send full-sized products and quite a few of them. This is a great way to try new products.

Some favorites from this month's box were:
-Barilla pesto- I absolutely love pesto and this one is very tasty. I like it on pizza, pasta, etc. I like making homemade pesto but this is just so much easier.
-La Tortilla Factory tortillas- I have heard good things about this brand and finally got to try them. So good!
-Skinnygirl Mojito Mint tea k-cups- I love anything mojito flavored and have been enjoying these while I am working in the early afternoon when I need a pick-me-up.

I look forward to trying the rest of the goodies! My daughter likes the oatmeal and we are a fan of Village Harvest so I'm sure we will like this whole grain blend from them as well.

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