July 26, 2017

5 Easy and Stylish Work Outfits

If I were to decide what I was going to wear to work each morning, I would waste so much time standing there staring blankly in my closet. What I do each week that helps me so much is set out my clothes for the upcoming week on the weekend. It is so much quicker to do it when my brain is fresh than first thing in the morning before work when I have a bunch of other things on my mind such as getting the kids out the door, not forgetting my lunch, taking care of the dogs, etc.

When it comes to work, I dress business casual. Some days I dress up more such as wearing a dress and some days, like Friday, I get to wear jeans. I can also wear scrubs which is fun and makes getting dressed in the morning simple.

Here are some of my favorite looks for work:

1. A pretty dress

I love having a bunch of dresses for work because they can be worn year round and are so simple but look nice. In the summer, I would wear a dress just like this and if it wasn't so hot, I would wear a cardigan with it. I pair it with flats. In the winter, I would wear it with a sweater and leggings or tights and boots.

2. Cute scrubs

Scrubs are awesome because they look nice and are comfortable. I especially like them because I can wear them with my ultra-comfortable and bright colored running shoes. I love the Smitten Scrubs because they fit well and are stylish. They are high quality and a good value. These come in a variety of colors, cuts, prints and fits so everyone can find some that they like. I love the bright colors that are out right now- purple, blue, bright pink and more. The fall lines will be coming out in August and I bet the colors will be perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

I decided to give these scrubs to my sister who wears scrubs every day and LOVES the color purple. She texted me this photo. Don't they look cute?
I love these purple scrubs- they are great for fall and winter especially. My mother-in-law who wears scrubs every day says that Landau scrubs are the only ones that she buys and has been buying them for many years.

Smitten Scrubs come in sizes XS-5XL. They are part of the Landau brand of scrubs that I have already tried and like. My sister who is a dental assistant has to wear scrubs every day and likes these brands. For people who have to wear scrubs everyday, it is important for them to be high quality and to last. Since they need to be washed often, you do not want the colors to fade, for the clothes to shrink or other issues. These are great quality from what I have seen and are made to last.

3. A blouse and black pants

I have a ton of blouse-type tops for work which I typically pair with black or grey pants. In the last couple of years, I switched from baggier dress pants to skinny pants that are thicker than leggings and nice for work. I like having lots of different color tops that match easily with a pair of plain pants to make choosing outfits easy.

4. Maxi skirt

I fell in love with maxi skirts a few years ago because they are as comfortable as wearing pajamas! I pair them with a t-shirt and maybe a sweater for work. In the winter, you can wear leggings under them for extra warmth.

5. Casual jean Friday

At my job, we are allowed to wear jeans most Fridays which is so nice! I skip wearing jeans with holes because they are not professional and often wear either blue jeans or different colored skinny jeans. Pair them with a blouse, t-shirt or sweater.

I hope you got a little bit of inspiration for dressing for work! What are some of your favorite types of outfits to wear to work? I would love some tips!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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