July 31, 2017

10 Fun Things to Do Before Summer is Over

This summer is the best summer ever! Troy and I are both home from work (story for a later date) and we are enjoying every single day doing fun things as a family. It feels like we are living a dream! Each year, I make a summer "bucket list" which is a great way to make sure you do fun summer things and don't let the summer get away from you too quickly.

Here are some of the super fun things that we have done or are going to do before the summer is over:

1. Visit all the lakes

Lookup lakes in your area to learn about the best ones to visit. Michigan is full of amazing lakes and we have probably been to about 7-10 lakes this summer already and can't wait to visit more. We love swimming, walking on the beach, playing on the playground, packing a picnic and more.

2. Go fruit picking 

One of the things that makes me the happiest is going to pick fruit. We have picked blueberries and strawberries so far this year. Just search for u-pick in your area and you will most likely be able to find a local farm. Adalyn and I love eating all the berries while Troy is actually good at filling our bucket to take home.

3. Eat a frozen treat

The summer is all about frozen treats on a hot day! We can't get enough of them it seems. I love the sorbet and cream pops from Jolly Llama which are now sold at Wal-Mart. Many days after Adalyn gets up from her nap, her and I have a treat together and these are one of our favorites. They have no dyes making them a great choice for kids and adults. Word to the wise: have your kid wear a junky shirt or their bathing suit because a todder with a popsicle can get messy!

The sorbet pops are a favorite of mine and come in many flavors including blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple coconut, mango and banana coconut. They now have cream pops that come in dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip and sea salt caramel flavors. They are made with coconut cream and are dairy free. These are perfect for summer and I love having a variety of these in my freezer for healthier summer treats. I enjoyed the strawberry one and Adalyn loved the mango and raspberry flavors (and all of them).

4. Take a hike

We love hiking and though it is tougher with kids who need to be carried much of the way, it is totally worth it. We have enjoyed hiking all over the state of Michigan this summer.

5. Play in the sand

Okay, you won't find me playing in the sand very much (I can't stand the feeling!) but my daughter sure loves it. Bring some inexpensive beach toys and kids have a great time playing around in the sand.

6. Make s'mores

Roasting a s'more in a bonfire just screams summer! It's a must-do. Adalyn says her favorite part of a bonfire is the music, dancing and s'mores.

7. Go to an outdoor concert

My parents have loved going to outdoor free concerts for years and we finally got into it. Most Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, we hit up an outdoor concert. We often go with my parents and siblings and we each bring something for dinner and share it all. It is so much fun to check out new parks, enjoy a meal outdoors and listen to music. My kids (yes, Oliver included) love dancing so much!

8. Go to the pool

It's not summer without a trip to a pool. We are lucky to have a pool right in our city that we visit at least a couple times per week. Adalyn had swim lessons this summer that she enjoyed. She is almost three and enjoys swimming but is a little bit scared of doing different things in the water. We are always working on getting comfortable with the water.

9. Eat in your backyard

Something that we cannot do in the winter in Michigan is eat outside. Therefore, I try to get out as much as possible to have a meal outdoors. In the picture above, Adalyn was enjoying a piece of piece over Oliver's head while the dogs begged for food- I live a crazy life!

10. Enjoy the sunshine

I love this picture!! Adalyn had just finished swimming and covered herself in sand. So fun! Of course, we slather ourselves in sunscreen but it is fun to just get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Being outside is my happy place.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jolly Llama. All opinions are my own.

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