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The Best Products of 2017 Part 23 + Giveaway Shoes

1. Shoes

Let me tell you something about Adalyn: she LOVES shoes and dresses. She is the girliest girl that I know and constantly is changing her dresses and shoes all day long. When I showed her these beautiful Michael Kors Ollie Star-T shoes, she shreaked in complete excitement. She loved them! They are the perfect back to school shoe that are both stylish and good for running around in.

***Keep reading for a SunButter giveaway!

I was also sent the Sydney Jordyn Chantel shoes which Adalyn loves as well. These are her new favorite "sparkly shoes" as she calls them which I know will be worn all the time. They are very cushioned and about the nicest pair of flats that I have ever seen. I want a pair for myself! 

Oliver was sent these Sydney Jordan Tony-t shoes. They are big on him right now because his feet are tiny but I know that he will get use out of them one day. We enjoy putting our babies in shoes because they look too cute!

Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

2. Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa and Hummus

Do you guys have Garden Fresh products near you? I hope so! It is my favorite store bought salsa. It is made about 25 minutes from my house which makes it even better. I love every single flavor. The artichoke garlic is so good but only choose this one if you love garlic- it is very garlicky! The hot one is delicious and not too, too hot. Adalyn is obsessed with what she calls "my green salsa" and we have been enjoying chips and salsa frequently. They are also good cooked into our favorite salsa eggs.

Garden Fresh Gourmet Hummus
Until now, I do not believe that I had tried Garden Fresh hummus somehow even though I have been eating the salsa for many years. I was so excited to open each of these unique flavors. They are all awesome and great on a sandwich, with pita chips, veggies, etc.

3. SunButter

A great alternative to peanut butter is SunButter which is sunflower seed butter. I use it just like I would peanut butter. A unique use for it is using it in a stir-fry for a lot of delicious flavor. I also love it on toast, melted on oatmeal, smeared on dried fruit such as dried apricots and more. They come in lots of different kinds including creamy, no sugar added, natural, organic and natural crunch. Even if your child can have peanut butter, many schools are peanut free and this is a great alternative that kids will love.


The giveaway will be for three jars of SunButter Sunflower Seed Butter to one lucky winner!
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  1. I like it on toast or crackers ,

  2. I like it by itself on a spoon, on toast, on crackers,on marshmallows,pretzels...

  3. I'd try it on a sandwich, on crackers, and maybe try making cookies with it too!

  4. I would eat it spread on crackers or fruit. I would also like to try baking with it. Yum!

  5. I like to spread Sun Butter on apple slices.

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  7. Right out of the jar! I love sun butter more than peanut butter :)

  8. Right out of the jar! I love sun butter more than peanut butter :)

  9. On oatmeal served with plenty of fresh cream.

    Hope to win!

  10. I would eat it out of the jar or on a sandwich :)

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  12. I would eat it on bread or crackers.

    brat52101 at yahoo dot com

  13. I would like to eat the Sunbutter on an English muffin.

  14. I would put it on toast in place of peanut butter with bananas and chia seeds.

  15. on bagels with banana slices, or on celery to mask the taste of celery :P

  16. I would love to try it !! Anyway is fine by me :)

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