August 14, 2017

Getting Stronger Postpartum

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After having each of my kids, I definitely notice that my body is weaker than it was pre-pregnancy. Although I exercised through my pregnancy, things are just different postpartum. From the beginning, I said that I would not diet to lose weight and I am sticking to that. Though I would like to lose this last bit of pregnancy weight, that is not what is important to me right now. What is important to me is regaining strength after having my baby.

Less than 24 hours before I gave birth to Oliver!! 
The biggest "issue" that I have is a separation in my abs known as diastasis recti which is a separation in the abdominal muscles. I had this with Adalyn and took special care during my pregnancy with Oliver to try not to get it. From the beginning of pregnancy, I stopped doing crunches, planks, etc. I only did pregnancy safe workouts but I still have a separation in my abdominal muscles which gives my abdomen a "pooch" look.

I love my Sole F63 Treadmill during the colder months to keep on track with exercise!

When I heard about Natalie Hodson's "Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor" program, I knew that it would be something that I would be interested in. I am now 4 months postpartum and have been exercising regularly since about 4 weeks after I had my baby. I was doing a little bit of this and that and had no specific exercise regimen in mind which is why I was so excited to try this program. Something to follow that I can stick to and not just do 5 minutes of weights in my basement before getting bored and quitting.

Natalie Hodson teamed up with Dr. Monique Middlekauf, a specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction to make this 30 day program to help women with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues including incontinence. This program helps address the "mom pooch" and other areas that may need a little extra love for post-pregnancy women.

What I like the best is that I can do it anytime right at home. I don't want to go to a gym to see a trainer- I am a busy mom who does not have time for that! Some days, I barely have time to exercise but I make sure to at least fit some in because it is what makes me feel my best.

I have been loving this program and have been feeling stronger already! I have also learned more about diastasis recti and what I should not be doing- things like planks, sit-ups and crunches (which of course, I had been doing). I want to do things the right way to feel my best. I think this program is great because it teaches you the safe way to exercise while helping to improve your abdominal muscles. This program comes as a PDF file and has a ton of information on how to best heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues.

While I do not have any incontinence issues (though I know a lot of moms do), this program can help to improve urinary incontinence issues for moms. I have really enjoyed this program so far and I look forward to improving my diastasis recti as much as possible.

Mom's out there who are trying to get strong, try this Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor program on Natalie's website!

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