August 10, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 21 + Giveaway

NOW Foods

1. NOW Foods

If you know my daughter and I, then you may know that we love dried fruit and snacks. We can't get enough! I love these dried fruits from NOW including their dried apricots, mango slices and pineapple rings. All delicious! I have been a huge fan of NOW Foods for years and love their ground flax and chia seeds as well. They have tons of healthy products for cooking and baking.

**Keep reading for a Primal Kitchen paleo foods giveaway!

I made a super delicious pasta dish with sauteed spinach, garden fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts that we all loved. So, so good! I love snacks and these roasted almonds are great for road trips and so are the whole wheat sesame sticks. 

2. August POPSUGAR Must Have Box

I love POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes and this month is no different! I got to try out the Anniversary Edition which makes 5 years of POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes. I have found some of my very favorite items from these boxes in the past. I have a hat that I wear all the time, a beautiful scarf and more.

I love the super cute "Cheers!" tray which is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The "free spirit" notebook is awesome for using as a to-do list for myself since I always have one. My favorite item though is the long gold and white birthday candles which are adorable!

All Must Have subscribers can win (or new subscribers that sign up by the end of August) of of many giveaways. There are 5 weeks of giveaways happening and the prizes look great!

For $10 off your first must-have box, use the code PARTY (expires 8/31).

3. Confused Girl Clothing

You know I love my workout clothes, especially that I am now working from home (more on that later!!). When Confused Girl contacted me, I instantly fell in love with their leggings. These serenity leggings are so comfortable and are made of the softest, most amazing material. I wish you could feel them! I knew that Troy would love them as well as a science teacher since the pattern is modeled after turquoise stone. I will be wearing these all fall and winter.

I am a scorpio and while I do not get super into different astrology signs, the definition of a scorpio fits me to a T. My mom has always said that I am a true scorpio like my dad. I love this lightweight workout top which is perfect for summer. Finally, this true nature sweatshirt is super cute and comfortable for exercise or relaxing.

4. Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen is a brand that sells paleo friendly products. While I am not on a paleo diet, I like to try different products that I can recommend to people for their different dietary needs and preferences as a dietitian. The grass-fed collagen bars are awesome. My favorite is the chocolate hazelnut which is loaded with hazelnuts. With 15 grams of protein, it makes a great protein rich snack.

The avocado oil is good to cook with and while I do not use mayo very often, there are a few recipes that I make that I need it in such as tuna salad and deviled eggs and this one is very tasty.


The giveaway will be for a Keto kit from Primal Kitchen to one winner.

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    PUTUGAL e uma merda e verdade e verdade! Nao trabalhos pa os Velhos e os Jovems...e verdade e verdade! E racismo puro e muito desgraciado!




  2. Plain Jaynes Sweet Potato sounds good to me!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  3. I think the Seaside Salt'n Vinegar sounds the best. Deana

  4. The sweet potato flavor sounds amazing!

  5. Seaside Salt'n Vinegar is one that I want to try

  6. The link to your G+ account on rafflecopter is broken.

  7. I think that the Hawaiian BBQ sounds amazing!

  8. Seaside Salt'n Vinegar is one that I want to try

  9. Seaside Salt'n Vinegar is one that I want to try


  11. Seaside salt and vinegar sounds yummy! amysmeltzer21521 at yahoo dot com


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