September 26, 2017

5 Fun Things We're Up to This Fall

We have been enjoying the fall so much! I am working from home for the first time ever and love being home during the day on  beautiful days. The weather is still hot here in Michigan and I am loving it. Towards the end of August and beginning of September, we did have some cool weather that had us pulling out sweaters and pants on 40-something degree mornings. 

I wanted to share some of the fun things that we have been doing this fall to give you an idea of things to do:

1. Apple picking

For Adalyn's birthday, we went apple picking and it was so much fun! It ended up being pretty inexpensive to pick honeycrisp apples which was awesome. Of course, Adalyn and I enjoyed sampling the apples since we are fruit-obsessed! 

2. Football games and tailgating

Troy is a high-school teacher so we do a couple of football related things each year. We are going to a football tailgate at his school and the homecoming parade. We will fit a football game in there somewhere. Adalyn loves the energy and excitement at a game which helps make it fun for the whole family.

3. Fall walks

What is a fall walk in Michigan? A walk filled with views of beautiful trees in all different colors: red, green, yellow and orange. It is so beautiful. Adalyn loves to go to the back of our church where there is a gazebo and say a prayer. It is a short walk that she can do on her own which is nice. I also walk her to school with Oliver in the stroller two times per week which is a 3 mile walk round-trip for us. We have also been doing lots of "chase" in our front and backyard which is Adalyn's favorite.

4. All the birthdays

So many of our family members have birthdays in September so we have been celebrating all month long. We have 5 big birthdays from September 12th-20th! Wow, it has been so busy and fun. Here is a photo of Adalyn on her third birthday.

5. Fall Festivals

I always forget that there are so many fun events in the fall, not just the summer. We went to an awesome festival called Barktoberfest where there were Weiner Dog Races (!!!). If you know me, you know that I love dachshunds so this was one of the funniest events I've ever been to. Adalyn was cracking up the entire time and we all loved it. We also have Octoberfest festivals and art festivals coming up in our area. Search your local area for fall fun!

I've been loving to wear my new fall clothes to the different events we have been going to and I'm loving prAna clothing which I have been a fan of for years now. The reason is because they make cute clothing that is very well made. The clothing from prAna lasts through many wears and is great quality. I've been having fun looking at the fall line of clothing from prAna and love many of the items. 

I chose a couple of items to try from the fall line including the Deedra Sweater and the Moto Leggings. If you know me, you know that I love to wear grey. I also love a ton of color but for a neutral color, grey is my go to. I couldn't help but choose grey leggings and a grey sweater. 

I like that the Deedra sweater is long and cozy for winter. I love wearing leggings all the time when the weather is cold and I know that these will get a ton of wear. They are much higher quality than cheap leggings and I love that they have lines in them for a bit of interest. To find out about prAna's sustainability, check out this video.

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