November 15, 2017

Staying Organized While Running an At-Home Business

This post was sponsored by AT-A-GLANCE as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Life is busy! Running a business at home and taking care of two little kids while trying to keep the house clean keeps me busy pretty much 24/7. Add in a full social calendar and we have our days filled to the brim. Staying organized can be difficult and I want to share some of my best tips with you on how to stay organized while running a business at home. For me, this is my blog but most of these will pertain to any mom who is trying to run an organized household.

1. Work before the kids wake up

Most days, I wake-up before the kids and get right to work. My husband wakes up at 6 AM and I aim to do the same. Working a bit before the kids get up helps me to get my emails under control, promote my post for the day and reduce my stress levels so I am not waiting until nap time to work and feeling totally overwhelmed by that point.

2. Use a planner

I love having a planner to write down things on my calendar so that I do not forget them. I also use a phone calendar but like having a physical planner for upcoming blog things. If I have a phone call with a brand planned, I will write that in the planner. If I have a project deadline coming up, I make sure to write that down- definitely don't want to forget one of those!

I love the AT-A-GLANCE planners because they help me to stay organized for my business and for personal things as well. They look amazing and have so many different designs. I just loved the way that the two of these looked so I chose them for the upcoming 2018 year to stay organized. I love looking back in a planner and seeing things that we did months ago or a year ago and remembering great memories with family and maybe how a business call lead to a great partnership months prior.

These planners are also great for setting goals and helping you prepare for a new season of life such as getting married, starting a new business or looking for a new job. Being organized = happiness and less stress in my life so finding ways to feel on top of things is so important to me.

3. To-do lists

My to-do list is easily my most important part of staying organized. On my desk, I have my daily to do list, a list of things that I want to get done but not necessarily right away (site design changes, etc.), a shopping list, etc. I have several lists to keep me organized and so that I do not forget anything that I need to do. I always put the most important items on the top of the list and reminders at the bottom of the list. On some busy days, I have to put things on there like put the dishes away and shower just to make sure that I make time to fit it all in.

4. Utilize help

My husband is so helpful in taking care of the kids when I need to get work done. He is home each day around 4 PM and about once a week, I have him hang out with the kiddos so I can shoot a recipe, catch up on emails, edit photos or write a blog post. Ask for help when you need it so that you can have some uninterrupted time to get things done.

Both recipes shot in the same day using some of the same props!

5. Complete tasks in batches

I have found that it saves me the most time and keeps me organized to do several like-tasks at once. For example, I will sit-down and answer all of my emails at once. It is more time efficient than doing one or two here and there. If I need to run errands, I try to wait until I have a pretty good list of errands to accomplish so I can knock them all our in one trip instead of wasting time driving out for just a couple of items.

If I have a couple of recipes to make, I will try to do them on the same day so I save time getting out my photography equipment, get the dishes done all at once and upload/edit the photos all at once instead of a a little bit here and a little bit there.

These little tips help me to stay organized and get as much done as possible without going crazy and getting too stressed while still spending tons of time with my family.

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