December 11, 2017

2017 Women's Holiday Gift Guide

This 2017 Women's Holiday Gift Guide features some of my favorite items and some items that I am asking for for the holidays!

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

Totally obsessed with the HP Sprocket 2-in-1! It’s a printer and camera in one and is smaller than my phone! I was walking around the house printing Christmas pictures of the kids and it was the coolest thing to see something so tiny being a printer and printing wirelessly!

It would make an awesome holiday gift for someone who loves pictures. It is so small and light that it could fit in any purse. It connects through bluetooth and the setup took no time at all.

Brooks Levitate Running Shoes

We have been loyal to Brooks shoes for years and Troy and I usually wear the Adrenaline model. After seeing the video for these new Brooks Levitate, we decided to try them out. They went through extensive testing and just recently came out on the market. These would be perfect for the runner in your lives. They are considered an energetic running shoe while being cushioned. Troy and I are both very happy with these and would recommend them! I have been wearing mine for about 1 1/2 months and find them SO comfortable to wear all day. They are super lightweight which is what I was looking for. I love them.

Brooks Cascadia Running Vest

It's cold here in Michigan and this Cascadia running vest has barely left my body the last week. It goes well over almost every outfit and of course, is great for running. It is very lightweight and is padded on the chest and on the back but not on the sides. It has zipable pockets and has a small secret pocket for storing maybe money, a key or lip balm. It is very comfortable and warm, yet not too bulky. This would be great for someone in your life who is active and/or a runner.

Yellow Crossbody Purse

My car was just broken into and my purse was stolen. I am not much for purses but I had this little crossbody yellow purse that was just big enough to hold my phone, cards and a couple of lipsticks. When my purse was stolen, I was honestly more upset about the actual purse being gone than what was inside. Therefore, I am asking for another one of these bags. I like this one!

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

You guys, there are the best knives ever! I have been raving about them for years and for any foodie that you know, they would make the perfect gift. They are super sharp and cut through anything so easily. I use them for everything but they are especially awesome for cutting things that are more difficult to cut such as large carrots. We snack on carrots a lot and I love cutting up a large amount at once and these knives make it so much easier. I am also trying out the Kyocera fry pan which I have been happy with so far- ceramic pan cooking is new to me but so far, so good!

Contigo Coffee Mugs

My very favorite coffee mug that I use daily!

Nomad Boots

I got a pair of Nomad rain boots last year and have been wearing them every time that it is wet outside and am still really happy with them. They are still in perfect condition one year later. This year, I decided to get one of their fashion boots- the Josie boots and am very happy with them. They are comfortable, have a low heel for wearing around everywhere and look great!

Living Royal Socks

These socks come in so many different fun patterns. My very favorite are the peanut butter and jelly socks and I seriously want 5 more pairs of these. So cute! They have all different cuts and patterns- there is something for everyone. I also chose some with bees on them, pickles, veggies and coffee beans. Can you see that I like food?? Haha! These are comfortable and would make a fun stocking stuffer.

7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

I love this brand of jewelry and have two necklaces from them from about a year ago. They have stood up well to my 3 year old "borrowing" them often and look gorgeous. I was sent the Edge n Elegance earrings and the Zest for Life necklace and am happy with both. This brand of jewelry has some gorgeous options that are affordable and would make an awesome gift for any lady in your life.

Black leather jacket

I want this jacket!! Or a brown or tan one that is similar. I would wear it out when I want to dress up a little beyond my typical clothes.

Sole F63 Treadmill

I treated myself back in January to this treadmill after my old one broke. I have been super happy with it so far and love using my treadmill desk that Troy built for me to work while I walk. It is wonderful having a treadmill during the cold months here in Michigan for snowy and cold days.

Heavy, super warm throw blanket

I really want a new heavy blanket- being home all day and working when the house is 65 (our set temp) can be chilly. I want a super soft, heavy and very warm blanket to keep me warm.

Cozy joggers

I want a pair of joggers for lounging around this winter!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MomSelect and HP. A few of the items were provided for review for my gift guide. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Ohhh yes that leather jacket is everything!!! Especially since it also comes in red!!

  2. Such a great Mom wishlist. Moms want the cozy socks and joggers and the best vest to go over everything from stained blouses to those comfy joggers.

  3. I am most excited for a few days off to spend with my family sharing food, drinks, fun and memories.

  4. I am most excited to spend the holiday's with my new puppy that we pick up on December 9th.

  5. My husband has already bought mine a new quilting machine

  6. I'm excited to spend time with my son.

  7. I’m most thrilled for holiday sweets and goodies. Thank you very much.

  8. I am looking forward to visiting with my aunt who I haven't seen in two years.

  9. I'm most excited for my husband' Christmas bonus. It's a chance to get the bills caught up.

  10. I'm most excited to spend this holiday season with the whole family!

  11. I am most excited about spending time with family.

  12. The food and the christmas lights!!

  13. I can totally picture you in that jacket!

  14. To see all of my family and friends

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  16. I'm excited to see my children's faces on Christmas morning.

  17. I’m notorious on Facebook for changing my profile to feature the Grinch. I’m not against Christmas, just the commercialization. My kids don’t need the biggest, newest, or best toys to prove that I love them. Christmas should be about spending time with your family and for celebrating kindness and generosity, not shopping and going into debt to buy presents.

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  19. I'm excited about spending the holidays with my family. Thanks!

  20. Im excited to be with family and for my kids to have a Very Merry Christmas

  21. I am ready for time off to clean my house. Yeah sometimes it is the small stuff. . . Thank you


  22. I am most excited about seeing my family and friends

  23. most excited for family time and hopefully my brother will be in

  24. I'm working through Christmas this year and my family's across the country, but I'll be seeing them next in May! I want that leather jacket! <3 It's super cute!


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