December 01, 2017

Favorite Monthly Food Subscriptions to Gift


 1. Degustabox

My favorite box because it comes with a ton of different items to try out and every single month, we end up with new favorites. I loved the Goya pico de gallo this month mixed into eggs and eaten with tortilla chips. The tortillas were the perfect holder for our chorizo eggs with guacamole and salsa this morning for breakfast. We just toast them on the stove for about 30 seconds on each side. My daughter loved trying this festive Mini Panettone. I gave my dad the Bell's seasoning which is perfect for stuffing and he literally used the whole box in one day making 3 large trays of stuffing for Thanksgiving and he froze some as well.

This would make an excellent gift for the person in your family who loves to try different foods. They often have Mexican foods as well so this would be great for someone who loves those types of foods- AKA everyone!

Mantry Subscription for men

 2. Mantry

Perfect for the man in your life is the Mantry subscription box. They always include foods that we have never heard of which we love because we love trying new things. They often have some kind of jerky, nuts, something spicy, etc. Many subscription services are aimed towards women so this one is perfect for the man in your life. We enjoyed the crimson spice on roasted potatoes. We have been liking the pecan peanut butter on toast and in oatmeal. The buffalo almonds are awesome and I can't wait to make the green chile mac and cheese. We love the boxes that these come in. I always save them and use them for some kind of storage/organizing around the house.

FitSnack Box

3. FitSnack

The perfect gift for the healthy/athletic foodie in your life. I have been getting FitSnack boxes for over a year and love them. Maybe my favorite product ever from them is these Made in Nature nut butter filled figgy pops. They are SO delicious! They are made of dried fruits mostly and filled with nut butter. They are a little tangy and super tasty. I can't wait to buy these on my own. Adalyn likes these Munk Pack cookies which are a little healthier than regular cookies . She is also obsessed with this new toothbrush that "she found" and loves that it is made of wood!

Disclosure: I was provided samples. All opinions are my own.

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