April 02, 2018

Oliver is 1 Year Old!

What??? How is my baby 1? I can't believe it. I'm still going to call him a baby- you can't stop me! This year has gone by so fast yet in a way, I can't remember life without Oliver. Oliver is the easiest baby and for that, Troy and I are so thankful. He has always loved to sleep, slept through the night at 6 weeks old, is very happy and has never been too fussy. It has been a dream raising my little guy so far. Read Oliver's birth story here.

On the negative side, this guy has made us very worried with different things through the last year with concerns such as that the doctors thought he may be deaf (he can hear completely fine) and his weight gain issues. It's crazy how different two kids can be with different things.

Here is what is going on with Oliver at 1 year:

Clothing size: 9 months, 12 months and still a bunch of 6 month clothes- they all fit

Diapers: still size 2

Weight/height: will find out at the doctor's soon! I'm thinking about 18.5 lbs

My awesome sleeper still sleeps through the night from about 7-7. We are finishing up the frozen pumped milk and he has about 2 more weeks of 9 PM dream feedings which we give him for extra calories. He doesn't really even want it as some nights, he just drinks 2 ounces but I'm trying to use it up. He is still nursing from 1 side 4 times a day. I honestly thought that we would be done right at a year or even a little before as we had some issues with nursing from 8-10 months but we are still going strong. I nursed Adalyn for 18 months so we will see how we both feel and stop when it's right for us.

He is on a 2 nap a day schedule. He goes down about 2 hours after he wakes up for about a 2 hour nap and takes another afternoon nap. He likes sleeping in his crib or still goes in the Rock N Play if we are at someone's house- seriously!

He loves food. He got sick this month with the vomiting and it took him over a week to get his appetite back. See what I mean that he likes to worry us? We are starting to let him use a spoon to eat which results in a mess but he loves to pick up foods with his fingers and feed himself. He likes most foods. He is quite a neat eater usually which I think is crazy for a baby. He started loving water this month and taught himself to drink from my Contigo which I think is cute!

-Teeth 5 and 6 are starting to pop through the surface.

-With quite a bit of us trying to teach him, Oliver started to wave to people. We are still working on pointing. He loves to clap and dance. If you sing one line of a song, you can find him waving his head back and forth like crazy which is his wild-man dancing. He used to give us kisses but really won't anymore. He is a stinker!! He will lay his head on us for a hug which I love. In the last month, he has gotten more cuddly but it only lasts about 10 seconds at a time- he has too many things to do.

-He is excellent with a walker but doesn't feel comfortable standing on his own yet. We are trying to work on this and he can stand by himself for about 1/2 a second before lowering himself to the floor. I don't think that he will be walking for a couple of months yet but I'm not in a hurry either! He is so fast at crawling that I think that he is more than content doing that for now.

Always looking at what Sister is doing! Thank goodness that she is mostly a great example.

-I have to say it again, "Sister" is his best friend forever. Everything she says is funny and so interesting to Oliver. Adalyn treats Oliver with such love and care, I can't believe it. She carries him around all day, wrestles him, they tickle each other and giggle together. This makes me happier than anything else!!

-His favorite things in the world are the Xbox remote and a hairbrush. He could hold onto them for hours.

-He is a daddy's boy right now. He loves to cuddle up to my husband! It is adorable. He loves joking around and loves to play chase where you're going to get him or he is going to get you. He loves to laugh all the time and is the happiest guy.

-He is so neat with everything. Adalyn used to destroy everything and empty every cupboard. Oliver mostly likes to cruise all around the entire house but doesn't make a mess. I'm not complaining!

-Words: Mama, Dada and possibly Hi.

Adalyn got to blow out his candle!
-We held his first birthday party a week early because of Easter festivities and his reaction to the cake couldn't have been different than his sister's. Adalyn literally painted her body with the cake and ate a ton while Oliver cautiously took little nibbles and remained mostly clean for the entire thing. It was adorable to watch!

We ate chili with a bunch of toppings, stuffed pepper soup, 2 different layered salads that my mom made, cornbread, fruit, veggies, chips and salsa and more.

The house was decorated with beautiful banners from No Land Like Garland and the awesome feather garland which I'm leaving up past the party from Jade and Jo Studio. Both of these Etsy shops helped to make my home look amazing for the party and we got lots of compliments on this gorgeous decor.

My mother-in-law made Oliver's awesome farm cake and the main cake which was a carrot cake cheesecake- so good!!

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Samples were provided for review purposes.

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