May 04, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 14 + Giveaway Sippy Cups

1. Sippy Cups

I'm here to tell you about the best sippy cups! We have been a big fan of sippy cups since Adalyn was a baby and I just got these awesome boy colored ones for Oliver. They are really easy to use and have a great cover for easy travel. I can't believe how quickly Oliver took to drinking milk from a cup with this sippy cup! Let me just tell you that we have tried many brands of sippy cups and these are #1!

**Keep reading for a giveaway! Sippy Cups
We are also testing out some of their bowls which are fun because they have a straw right in them. Perfect for cereal! You can remove the straw and use the bowl for snacks or soup or whatever!

Coobie Bras

2. Coobie Bras

The best bras! I have been wearing these for at least 6 years and just love them. I pretty much ditched underwire bras after trying these. They are super comfortable and come in many colors. I needed some new bras after all the changes with pregnancy and breastfeeding so these are perfect. They fit all different sizes and are amazing. I got my sister onto them many years ago too and we haven't turned back!

Melissa's Produce

3. Melissa's Produce

I love trying different kinds of produce and Melissa's is always sure to have something that I haven't tried before. These Ojai pixie tangerines are perfectly sweet and easy to peel. These dried apricots were my favorites that I have tried. I cannot get enough of them! The Soyrizo intrigued me because I love chorizo but it is obviously not healthy so I wanted to try this soy chorizo. It was very tasty in eggs with some bell peppers. Yum!


The giveaway will be for a sippy cup and bowl of your choice to one winner!
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  1. I have new granddaughter and am excited to try the sippy cup to see if she will take to it quickly as well. From your comments it sounds like they rock. Thanks.


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