June 01, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 17 + Giveaway

MPG Sport Clothing

 1. MPG Sport Clothing

I've been a huge fan of MPG Sport clothing for years because the workout clothes that I have from 5 years ago are still in perfect condition after being worn and washed many times. One of my favorite jackets is the Valencia jacket so I decided to try the Valencia lite jacket which is great for the warmer weather. I like wearing this type of jacket out for my morning exercise before it warms up. It fits well and is not too hot.

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MPG Sport Clothing
I went a little bit out of my comfort zone choosing this Splendor Luxe Jumpsuit but I'm loving it. It is super comfy and I imagine myself wearing it for travel in the summer when I want to be comfortable but I think that it looks cute too. I highly recommend any of the clothing from MPG Sport!

2. No Cow Cookies and Bars

My son is at the age where he loves to snack but little pieces can be difficult on-the-go. These No Cow cookies and bars are perfect. They are dairy free, low sugar and high in protein. I think that they make the perfect mid-morning snack as I am working at my computer. My 1-year old chowed down on the peanut butter cookie which was gone in about a minute! They taste like dessert but are quite nutritious.

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3. Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds

One of my all-time favorite bread products! These morning rounds are sweet with fruit and stay nice and soft. They are perfect for my 1 year old as well. I just slice them in half, spread with almond butter and put back together. He can hold it himself and is a really easy breakfast or snack. I cannot say enough good things about these! I love them for traveling and eating them in the car. They are also even better toasted because they get warm, slightly crispy and a little fluffy. 


The giveaway will be for 3 packs of Ozery Morning Rounds.
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  2. I know I would like the multigrain and especially the apple cinnamon ones.

  3. The cocoa snacking rounds looks yummy for breakfast!

  4. The Banana Cocoa snacking Rounds look fabulous!

  5. I've heard about these (I'm a snack editor for my FT job) but haven't tried them and would like to.


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