July 03, 2018

Food to Pack for a Day Out

Food and drink ideas to pack for a day out or for a road trip that are nutritious and help save you money compared to eating out!
Food to Pack for a Day Out
My husband recently had his last day of work until September and we are living the summer life and loving it! Everyone who knows us knows that we are constantly out on different adventures all around the state (and sometimes out of the state). We love taking many day trips all summer long and are taking a few road trips too. Food out is typically unhealthy and expensive so we limit our meals out for those reasons.

What food should I pack for a day out?

I have become quite good at packing food for the family for a day out and wanted to share some of my recommendations of what to bring. I pack for a family of 4 and my kids and I love to snack so this list is pretty snack heavy. I will share recommendations for breakfast on the road, snacks, drinks and lunch on the go. These can be eaten in a car, at a picnic table or anywhere on the go.

Breakfast to Pack for a Day Out

-Egg sandwiches- If we have an early morning leave time, my husband will often make us egg sandwiches the night before, wrap them in paper towel and then heat them right before we go to eat in the car. It's a nice filling breakfast that travels well.
-PB+J- We keep it simple a lot of times and have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the road.
-Smoothies- I love blending up a nutritious smoothie and drinking it on the go, especially if I know that we won't be eating as well later in the day.
-Whole grain homemade muffins
-Whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese

Drinks to Pack for a Day Out

-Water- Now that it's summer, we make sure that each member of our family has their own water bottle if we are going out for awhile. I fill reusable water bottles halfway with ice and the rest of the way with water.
-Coffee- Always coffee! Troy and I bring our travel mugs everywhere we go and love having them on adventures with the kids. We're constantly trying to keep up with their energy.

-good2grow Juice- My favorite is the Fruit and Veggie blends and the the Organic 75% Less Sugar for the kids. If you have young kids, you may know that it can be hard to get them to drink enough liquids which can be a concern on a hot day. I love these good2grow drinks for the kids because they come with super fun character toppers and they are a good choice for kids to drink something other than water or milk.

The Fruit and Veggie Blends are 71% juice along with some water and have 100% of your daily vitamin C and no added sugars. The strawberry kiwi blend has apple, carrot and beet juice. We don't serve juice that often in our house but I feel good about serving this to my kids, especially to encourage them to drink more liquids.

Buy it here!

Snacks to Pack for a Day Out

-Veggies- sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery peppers
-Fruit- whole or sliced apples, bananas, grapes, clementines
-String cheese
-Bars, pouches, cereal, crackers, pretzels, trail mix
-Nut butter and rice cakes

Greek Pasta Salad with Spiralized Noodles makes the perfect lunch or side dish with spiralized zucchini and summer squash, bell peppers, tomato, feta and a homemade vinaigrette. www.nutritionistreviews.com

Lunch to Pack for a Day Out

-Any kind of sandwich packs really well
-Pasta salad in a portable container
-Salad with dressing in separate container
-Snack containers with sliced cheese, lunch meat, veggies, hummus, nuts and fruit

I hope that this post helped to give you some ideas for what to pack for a day out! Here's to lots of summer adventures!

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