August 10, 2018

Oliver Richard 15-16 Month Update

My baby is 16 months old! So much is going on and Oliver is interacting with us so much- showing lots of communication though not always verbal and showing tons of love. Here is what is going on with Oliver at 16 months old.

Clothing size: 12 months, 18 months, still size 2 diapers (skinny boy!) and size 4 and 5 shoes

Weight: according to our home scale, around 21 pounds

Eating: The dude can eat! Oliver eats everything with the exceptions of bananas, cantaloupe and kohlrabi. Those things, he will throw right on the floor. Oliver didn't throw food until maybe 15 months and now he loves doing it (we do not love it..). He loves feeding himself with a fork, would rather eat a whole piece of food rather than having it chopped up and wants to eat anything Sister eats.

He still nurses one time per day right when he wakes up for about 5 minutes max. I plan to stop in one month right before school starts when he is 17 months old. Personal choice.

Foods he loves: blueberries, grapes, strawberries, pouches, yogurt, bars, popcorn and lots more

Sleep: Some days, Oliver takes 2 naps being about 1 1/2 hours each and some days, he just takes one being 2 1/2 to 3 hours or so. He loves sleeping in his pack and play but we try to have him in the crib most of the time. We finally retired the rock and play after 15 months since he was sticking out about a! Oliver goes to bed around 7-7:30 PM on a regular night and if we are out which we often are in the summer, he can stay up quite late but gets whiny.

He has a harder time falling asleep other places like the car but will if he is really tired. He sleeps with his pacifier and a blanket and is adorable to watch sleep.

-At 14 1/2 months, Oliver finally decided to give up crawling for good and is a crazy walking dude! Over the last month and a half, he has gotten much faster at walking where he is almost at a speed walking pace. He loves to be chased and can move quickly when you're chasing him.

-Has 8 teeth- teething is tough on this dude!

-Is totally in a mommy and daddy phase. He cries when he is with many other people, even if he loves them and knows them well. Any tips on working through this? I'm not a fan of him crying when someone like a grandparent is holding him!

-Knows so much sign language and can communicate it correctly!!!! He can sign more, water, milk, all done and eat. This makes life so much easier than him screaming for something he wants which is always a work in progress.

-Can identify different things and does different tasks you ask him to- give someone their phone, throw something in the garbage, point to a dog, go get a book, point to his tractor. I'm loving these changes!

-Words are still scarce but he can say dada, mama, water, Ada, dog, hi, buy and ball- he just mostly chooses not to. I am just happy at this point that he can communicate through signs and is showing understanding so I'm not worried yet. We will see what the next 2 months brings before his next doctors appointment.

-Loves throwing things in the trash including Troy's nice shoes, granola bars, Adalyn's artwork, forks and much more. We seriously need to check the trash a few times a day to make sure that he hasn't gotten into things.

-Is truly a dude- he loves tractors, tools, cars, balls and more. We didn't teach him this and it is totally on his own so I find it interesting that naturally he has taken interest in these things.

-Is super coordinated and can ride on ride-on toys by himself, can put puzzle pieces back in, stack blocks.

-Has a CRAZY obsession with closing everything. You better not leave a drawer, door or cupboard open even for 1 second in our house or Oliver will close it. We mess with him sometimes and open things just to see him close them immediately. Love this little quirk!

-Loves music and loves to dance! He loves any toy that makes music and it will keep him entertained for a long time.

-Is finally starting to like books! He would never sit on our laps before because he was too busy but now, he loves this one tractor book so we read it constantly.

-Knows responses to different questions such as "how big is Oliver?" and he holds his hands straight up in the air, can high five, clap his hands, blows kisses and play peek a boo but he only covers his mouth and not his eyes for it which I think is cute and funny.

-Is super loving and loves to give hugs, kisses on the lips and blow kisses. He is super sweet and loving which is just the best.

-He loves to scrunch his face together, laugh and give the hugest smiles ever!

-Loves playing on a playground and in the sand at the beach. He loves to swim and has zero fear of the water so we especially have to watch him super carefully.

-His Sister is still his best friend ever and the kids play so well together. Sister helps feed him sometimes and helps calm him when he is upset. This month, we have started to see a little sibling fighting for the first time ever which I was shocked to see! Oliver has hit Adalyn a couple of times and Adalyn has pushed Oliver. Prior to this, they got along 100% amazingly.

-He is quite sensitive and gets very sad when you tell him no sternly.

-Is getting fussier in the car and during stroller rides. I don't think that he likes to be tied down.

Life is wonderful and we are having so much fun this summer with Troy home! We love you Oliver Richard!

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