October 16, 2018

Why We Always Get Our Flu Shots

Cold and flu season is coming up way too soon. My kids already had a cold this year in the first two weeks of September as soon as my daughter went back to school- I couldn't believe it. Adalyn just had her 4 year old doctor visit and Oliver had his 18 month appointment and they both got their flu shots. Oliver only cried for a few seconds and Adalyn was brave about her flu shot since we prepared for it for quite awhile by talking about it early.

My family always gets our flu shots. It is something that we do every fall to help prevent getting the flu during the colder months. I find that preparing my kiddos for anything that they may be nervous about coming up helps so much for when the time comes to do whatever they need to do.

Why do we get our flu shots?

-The CDC estimates that there are 9.2 million-35.6 million flu illnesses each year in the United State.

-The CDC estimates that 140,000-710,000 people are hospitalized from the flu each year. It is estimated that 12,000-56,000 people in the US die from the flu each year.

-Umm, have you ever had the flu? It is absolutely AWFUL and I want to do anything that I can do to avoid it.

Where can I get a flu shot?

Each year, we either get our flu shot at our doctor's office if we already have a visit scheduled or at a local drugstore. We love CVS Minute Clinic (not sponsored) because you don't need an appointment, have a private room and get your flu shot in about 5 minutes or less. It is super easy to go to and you can get in and out of there in no time.

What if I hate shots?

Would you believe me that before my husband met me, he didn't get the flu shot because he is terrified of shots? We like to joke him about it because it is his only fear but guess what? For the last 11 years of being together, Troy has gotten a flu shot and I don't even need to ask him to get it anymore. He conquers his fear of needles twice a year- to get a flu shot and to get annual blood work. 

If you are really, truly scared of needles, there is a nasal spray flu vaccine for non-pregnant people ages 2-49. It does use a LAIV which is a live attenuated influenza vaccine.

Who should get a flu shot?

The 2018-2019 vaccines have been updated to match the current viruses that are going around. The CDC recommends getting a yearly vaccine for those who are 6 months old or older. It takes 2 weeks for the antibodies that protect you from getting the flu to develop in the body so it is recommended to get the flu vaccine by the end of October before flu season is in full force.

How can I prevent myself from getting the flu? 

Along with getting a flu shot, staying away from people who are sick and washing your hands frequently can help prevent getting the flu.

I've worked with I Vaccinate in the past and am a huge supporter of promoting vaccinations. I Vaccinate provides information and tools based on real medical science and research to help Michigan parents protect their kids. 

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