November 23, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 32 + Giveaway

Melissa's Produce Baby Vegetables Basket

1. Melissa's Produce Baby Vegetables Basket

I love Melissa's produce because they always have high quality produce and always have unique types. I love this baby vegetables basket because it is just the cutest! It is filled with potatoes, radishes, onions, zucchini, brussels sprouts, squash carrots and more. I think that this would make a super fun gift as a hostess gift or for someone in your life who is a big fan of vegetables like I am. I tossed everything on a sheet pan and roasted it and everything is just adorable being so tiny! I love it!

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Degusta Box

 2. Degusta Box

The theme of this month was movies and I loved the fun treats in here as the weather is cold and we are enjoying some family movie nights.
-I love anything by Popcorners and these kettle corn chips make the perfect snack.
-I enjoy baking with Nutiva coconut oil and will use these for baking.
-If you're a super sweet popcorn fan, you will love this Black and White popcorn.
-I am totally sold on chickpea pasta and this chickpea mac and cheese is delish!

3. RawSpiceBar Spices

I love experimenting with different spices in the kitchen to give the food flavor without adding fat or sugar (or salt most of the time). I love these spices from RawSpiceBar! They have so many salt-free blends which is super important to me as I try to limit my sodium intake. The za'atar is amazing in a Mediterranean inspired salad. The blackened cajun and chicken BBQ rub are awesome on meat.


The giveaway will be for a 6-month RawSpiceBar subscription where you can pick 3 spices to try each month to one winner!
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  1. I would like to try the bourbon smoked paprika, this would be great on Chicken or deviled eggs.

  2. I'd like paprika for deviled eggs.



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