December 26, 2018

Easier Entertaining with a Cleaning from Handy

Troy and I have talked about trying a cleaning service a few different times over the last few years when life has gotten super busy. With blogging, sometimes things are slower or manageable and at other times, it can be so incredibly busy that I am working 12 hours a day at a fast pace and still not getting everything done that I need to.

I have two kids: ages 4 and 1 1/2 and like any other kid, they can be messy. It is definitely hard to keep up on the mess. For my sanity, I need to keep things super straightened so I'm constantly straightening but it can be hard to keep everything truly clean all through the house.

We volunteered to host our Christmas Day party this year for our family of 30. I love hosting but of course, it is hard to get the house perfectly clean, especially with two young kids who can destroy as fast as I can clean. Also, I work from home and am always busy working and this time of year is so busy anyways.

I scheduled a cleaning with Handy three days before our Christmas party. I knew that we would be in and out of the house the next few days and wanted to be sure that we had time after the cleaning to do any additional tasks that we needed to before the party. Never ever have we had a professional home cleaning and I was SO EXCITED to try it out and to have a little help before our big party.

I easily scheduled our Handy cleaning on the website in a few minutes. Based on the size of my home, it recommended a 4 hour cleaning which is what I scheduled. You can book a home cleaning based on your schedule which is really nice. I chose 9 AM and was able to book tha time right away. You can read customer reviews for the person that is going to clean your home and pricing is clear and up front. Pros on Handy are background checked. All cleanings are backed by the Handy Happiness Guarantee.

We were happy with our cleaning. Our cleaner worked for 4 hours and finished pretty much everything besides one of our two bathrooms. She styled the beds nicely which we never do it quite as nice. The cleaning was thorough. The whole house smelled clean and it made our entertaining much easier on us and let us focus on cooking and other aspects of entertaining. I would definitely try Handy again.

Disclosure: A one time home cleaning was provided in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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