July 11, 2019

July 2019 Product Review Favorites + Built Bar Giveaway!

A review of PinkBlush maternity clothes, Kyoku knives, FitSnack box and Built Bars! Plus, a giveaway for Built Bars.

 PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

During all three of my pregnancies, I have been a huge fan of PinkBlush maternity clothing. They have the most gorgeous styles that can make any pregnant woman feel beautiful. They have so, so many different styles that it took me forever to decide which dresses to get.

 These dresses double as maternity dresses and dresses that I can wear after pregnancy as well which is really great. The material is soft and they actually are comfortable which is hard to say about anything at 38 weeks pregnant. This is the Peach Floral Short Sleeved Maxi Dress.

This is the Mint Green Floral Sleeveless Maxi Dress. I totally wish that I had these when I did my maternity photo shoot because I would have definitely worn them for that! They have formal dresses as well as casual everyday wear. The dresses that I have from PinkBlush that are from when I was pregnant with Adalyn almost 5 years ago are still in good shape so they hold up well. I would highly recommend the brand.

Kyoku Knives

To me, the most important kitchen tool is sharp knives. There is nothing that bothers me more than dull knives because I cut things up all day long. We eat pretty much three meals a day at home every day and many snacks including lots of fruit and veggies that need to be cut up. I leave my cutting board out with a knife because I use it so often. I was excited to try these knives from Kyoku and let me tell you, they're amazing!

These knives are super sharp which is the most important aspect. They're so sharp that I could cut a hard carrot with nearly no effort. I made my husband try it right away to see how sharp they are! The knives feel heavy in my hand which I like. I get super annoyed by dull, low-quality knives so I am truly loving these sharp, quality ones!

They have a slightly curved blade to make sure that the knife slices through meat with ease. They come with a lifetime warranty too which is awesome!

**Use this code for 10% off your Kyoku knife purchase: KKOGG3YN.

FitSnack Box

I really liked this month's FitSnack box! 
-Some favorites were the Luke's Organic white truffle and sea salt chips. These were super flavorful!
-Sorry, I couldn't do the cricket chips. I was too scared. I'm going to make my husband try them- he loves trying different things.
-I enjoy the Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs. They taste like they have cheese in them even though they don't.
-The Vahdam Teas are tasty and I especially like the green tea.
-My son loves these chewy Bob's Red Mill bars. 
-Betsy's Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter with Chia Seeds- yum! We love all kinds of nut butter.
-This box was definitely a favorite and I enjoyed all of the products. They made for great snacks to take on the go for summer.

Built Bars

I was recently sent some Built Bars to try and they are a newer product on the market. What I liked about them especially
 is that they have a really different texture than other bars on the market. The filling is super soft which is not typical of 
protein bars. It reminded me of one of those soft candies that you find in a box of chocolates. It has a light and fluffy texture which I enjoyed.
The come in fun flavors like salted caramel chocolate (my favorite), vanilla chocolate creme, mint chocolate creme
and more. They are lighter than other bars with just 110 calories but have 15 grams of protein.


The giveaway will be for a variety of Built Bars to one reader.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. I have a few crochet cardigans from PinkBlush that can be worn any time and love them. I've tried both cricket bars and cricket flour and lived to tell about it so it's not bad! ~Deb

  2. I want to try the orange chocolate bars!


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