October 31, 2019

October 2019 Product Review Favorites + Artisan Tropic Giveaway

Artisan Tropic plantain chips and cassava chips, FitSnack snack subscription and Winc Wines review. Plus, an Artisan Tropic giveaway!

Artisan Tropic Plantain and Cassava Chips

I am a huge fan of the Artisan Tropic plantain strips and was so excited to see that they just came out with jalapeno and barbecue cassava chips flavors. They are delicious in place of potato chips and are super crispy and the plantain strips have a mild flavor that are so good. The cassava strips are even crispier than regular chips and I'm loving these two new flavors.

**Keep reading for an Artisan Tropic Giveaway for plantain and cassava chips! 

One of my favorite things about them are that they are very low in sodium with only 75-80 mg per serving which is ridiculously low for chips. They make a very tasty "salty" snack that is slightly better for you than regular higher sodium chips.

November FitSnack Box

November FitSnack Box

-One of my favorite snacks ever are the Palmonds. I love how lightweight they are and super crunchy and they have the best taste. I love every flavor that I've tried.
-My son loves the Bob's Red Mill bars and every flavor is great as well.
-We have been using Purely Inspired protein for many years and use it in our oatmeal mix along with oats, chia seeds and probiotic powder. It gives a great vanilla flavor without being too overpowering. It is great for smoothies too.

Winc Wines

Winc Wines

I love choosing different wines to try from Winc which gives great discounts per bottle if you're a member. Plus, who wouldn't want wine delivered to their door each month? This Finke's Blanc De Blancs has a very special place in my heart because last month, we used a couple bottles of it to toast to our first night in my parent's new farm house.

We waited and waited for it to be get done being built and when it was finally done, we had a special toast with this sparkling wine at their new kitchen island. I will always remember this little special moment that we waited so long for! This sparkling wine is pretty dry which I like and made for a great toast!

**Get a $22 discount and complimentary shipping which ends up being 4 bottles of wine delivered to your door for $39! 


The giveaway will be for a mixed case of Artisan Tropic plantain chips and cassava chips to one winner!
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Disclosure: Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. Dying to try the jalapeno cassava ones.

  2. I'm always looking for healthy options to potato chips because they are one of my biggest downfalls. These would be a great alternative!

  3. I would choose the jalapeno cassava chips as they look yummy and spicy

  4. I would like the jalopeno cassarva chips


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