December 23, 2019

December 2019 Product Review Favorites

Gobble meatballs

Gobble Meals

With all of Lily's physical therapy appointments and appointments for her Doc band, life has been very busy for us. We got to try these awesome meals from Gobble and every one that we tried was extremely delicious. The meals come together really quickly and the ingredients come in separate packages like with other meal services. One benefit of Gobble compared to other services is that the ingredients in the Gobble meals are already chopped up to save time. For example, instead of being sent a big head of kale that may take 10 minutes to take the core out and chop, it comes pre-chopped which I loved.

The pomodoro sauce for the meatballs above was amazing! Super tasty! We also got to try grits and polenta which are not sides that I typically made so it was awesome for my kids to try not as common foods. They both loved the grits and polenta so I will have to add them to our menu sometime.

Gobble meals kale and pork
This kale with apples and hazelnuts was extremely good. I would not have thought to make kale sweet like it is in this recipe but it was awesome! I love Gobble for introducing me to a few delicious dishes that I would not typically think to make but really loved. It is super convenient for when life is busy (AKA always with kids) and everything was delicious. I would definitely order again!

Daily Harvest Smoothies

Daily Harvest Smoothies

I love having a smoothie for breakfast but sometimes, I don't feel like getting out all of the ingredients or don't have a ton of ingredients on hand. I love the smoothies from Daily Harvest which come in tons of flavors like Strawberry Peach and Mango Papaya. I blend them with milk and sometimes protein powder or chia seeds for extra nutrition. They save a lot of time and every flavor that I've tried is super tasty.

For $25 off your Daily Harvest order, use code: MInutritionist. 

FitSnack Box

I have been getting FitSnack Boxes for a couple of years and they make a great holiday gift. It is a monthly subscription service that sends healthier snacks to your door. There are different foods featured each month and through all of the boxes, I have learned of new-to-me brands that ended up having some of my favorite products.

I was sent samples for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I've been wanting to try those daily harvest smoothies for ages!


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