July 29, 2020

The Easy Way to Help Protect Our Ocean

An easy way to help protect our ocean and marine life: how we can reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean with paper cups and skip using plastic straws and lids!

Learning more about how to protect our environment has become something that I am more and more interested in. While we are busy living our lives, it is easy to forget to take the time to do things that help our earth. I know that recycling is one thing thing that I need to work harder on. Today, I want to talk about the easy way to help protect our ocean by not using as much plastic.

Did you know that every year 80 million pounds of plastic are put into our ocean from plastic lids alone? That is awful! Those poor animal. A huge reason is because so many eat out at fast food restaurants and the lids often get littered and go into different bodies of water and in this case, our oceans. A big way that we could help stop so much plastic going into the ocean is by using paper cups with a paper top and a paper straw.

Shamrock Cups is a brand that sells all paper cups and they are really neat! They are only available for commercial use at this time and it would be awesome for fast food restaurants to use these instead of plastic straws and lids.

Some restaurants are already stopping using plastic straws which is a step in the right direction. We can take it to the next level by skipping the plastic lid and using a cup without a plastic lid.

Shamrock Cups are dedicated to helping to eliminate plastic waste. The plastic is killing marine life and goes into streams and rivers and then, eventually into the ocean. Fish often think that it is food and try to eat it. Not good!

Help spread the word on eliminating plastic lids (and straws) and when you go out to eat, request a cup without a lid or straw. If fast food companies started carrying these Shamrock Cups, we could really help our ocean and marine life. Also, it would be amazing if the Environmental Protection Agency helped to eliminate plastic lids.

Sign the petition to ban plastic lids.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shamrock Cups. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Your kid looks so sweet. Yes our ocean is not well and that's why we are facing this pandemic. We need to think together. Thanks

    1. Yes, it's so sad! Anything that can be done to help is so important : )


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