March 27, 2020

Personalized Vitamins to Your Door: Hundred Vitamins Review

A review of Hundred Vitamins, a service that sends personalized packs of vitamins to your door monthly!
Times are crazy right now and good nutrition is more important than ever for staying as healthy as possible. I have always been a fan of taking supplements, not excessively so but think that vitamins can help compliment a healthy diet. I recently tried a new supplement and wanted to share my review of Hundred Vitamins.

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Hundred Vitamins Review

What is Hundred Vitamins?

Hundred Vitamins is a company that sends personalized vitamin packets right to your door. You start by taking a 5-minute quiz to see which vitamins and minerals are most recommended for you. It is very simple with easy questions about your lifestyle such as how much you exercise, if you get sun outside, if you have any dietary restrictions, etc. It has questions about what you want to focus on the most such as if you need help with sleep, brain health, etc. It focuses on the four pillars of wellness which includes nutrition, movement, sleep and stress balance. Many of these things we may be struggling with at this uncertain times.

Then, you get recommendations about which supplements that they believe that would benefit you based on your answers. You then get your personalized packets of supplements sent to your home. You also have the option of talking to a nutrition expert to help make sure that you are getting whatever supplements are best for you. I like that you can talk to someone to help tailor your order to your needs! The nutritionist chat is free with your order making it quite a great deal.

On a phone call, they will answer all kinds of questions including:
-How are they feeling while taking their supplements?
-Any questions that you have about your lifestyle such as exercise, relaxation, etc.
-Talking about the interactions between supplements or foods with medicines.

What supplements did I order?

The things that I wanted to focus on the most were sleep and brain health. I often struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep so anything to help with that would be great. I also find brain health to be very important and selected that because I knew that it would recommend an omega-3 supplement for me which I believe in taking daily.

The supplements that were recommended for me are krill oil which is rich in omega-3s. It can help with immune function and helps with inflammation after exercise. It also supports lowering your cholesterol which is important for my family because my husband struggles with high cholesterol. I take a daily omega-3 supplement in addition to adding chia seeds and ground flax seeds to my oatmeal and yogurt.

I also ordered a probiotic in my vitamin pack. It helps support digestion, immunity and mood. It was recommended for me since I am breastfeeding and can help with dermatological issues in kids. I take a probiotic for gut health in addition to eating lots of yogurt.

Since I live in Michigan and we have long winters without much sunshine, I added vitamin D to my vitamin order. Vitamin D deficiency can be common, especially during the winter months and it isn't always easy to consume foods rich in vitamin D, therefore, for me, I think that supplementation is beneficial. I also added calcium and magnesium to help meet my nutrient needs. I do pretty well on eating calcium rich foods at times but not always consistently.

What is the monthly cost of Hundred Vitamins?

It depends on which vitamins you select. If you are looking to lower the cost, you can subscribe to Hundred Vitamins for a few months at a time to lower the cost. You could also reduce the amount of vitamins in your order. For one month of the 5 vitamins that I ordered, the total was $47.

What do I think of Hundred Vitamins?

I really like it! I am all about taking omega-3 supplements and probiotics especially so I love that these come together in one little packet. It makes it super easy to take by being all together in one little packet. I like that they never recommend more than 5 products at a time. They only want you to take what you need and not to be overdoing your vitamin intake. Their dosages are backed by nutrition science so that you are not taking too much or too little.

I like taking these with me when I travel. If you are going to be gone for 5 days, you can easily grab 5 packs and stash them in your bag. We travel up north often and it is helpful to be able to grab these packets instead of grabbing several bottles of supplements.

Would I recommend Hundred Vitamins? I think that it is awesome that this quiz helps give you an idea of what vitamins to take and think that the packets are very convenient so yes!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hundred Vitamins. All opinions are my own.

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