May 20, 2020

May Product Favorites Review Part 2

A review of FarmBox Direct produce box, Fit Snack snack subscription box and Superfeet insoles.

Farmbox Direct

With us and most of America trying to avoid the grocery store as much as possible, we have looked into different produce delivery options. My family eats a ton of produce- more than most people by the sizes of the different boxes and therefore, we want to have a ton of produce on hand. This was my first time trying Farmbox Direct. Everything came super fresh. The best thing in the box was the carrots the look lightly purple because they were pinkish inside. So pretty! A few items did come smashed but I am going to chalk that up to slow delivery times due to the virus and not the company itself.

Since we eat a ton of produce, my choice would be the all natural large box for $53.95. They also have an organic option for a bit more. The prices are not dirt cheap but the quality is very good. Unlike many other produce delivery services, you can get it anywhere in the continental US which is really nice. We got this delivered up north where most produce services are not available.

Fit Snack Box

This month's Fit Snack box was not my favorite. Just not a lot of products that I loved and would highly recommend. My kids did enjoy the Kay's Pass the Peas smoky BBQ snacks. The chocolate caramel protein powder was tasty mixed into oatmeal. You can't go wrong with sour cream and onion and the Mozaics make a fun salty snack!

Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet Insoles

I love to walk a ton and run some and got to try these insoles from Superfeet. I need extra support when it comes to my shoes and these are great! I chose the RUN pain relief variety for my husband and I. I run a little bit and am getting back into it. My daughter loves to run with me so we have been going on a couple times a week on a short run. My husband runs 5 miles every other day so he is much more of a runner than me. These insoles help to stabilize your foot to minimize repetitive stress. They fit right into my running shoes and helped keep my feet comfortable.

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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