July 16, 2020

Supporting Community Gardens with the Pure Growth Project

How to help support community gardens with the Pure Growth Project.
Are you a fan of gardening? I love it! We always grow tomatoes, grapes, bell peppers and cucumbers (the cucumbers didn't make it this year though). Our garden is small and one day, it would be my dream to have a large garden. I wish that everyone who wanted to garden had access to a garden which is why I wanted to share about the Pure Growth Project which is a grant program that supports community gardens in cities all over the US!

Pure Farmland launched the Pure Growth Project which builds on Pure Farmland's commitment to protecting American farmland. This is super important to me because my parents own a farm that grows soybeans, wheat and corn. We love walking the land and Oliver loves waving to Farmer Marvin working hard on his big red tractor. I love teaching the kids that the crops grown on the farm are made into the food that we buy at the grocery store. We stayed at the farm for 2 months during quarantine and loved teaching the kids all about farm life.

The Pure Growth Project helps to increase the amount of locally grown fruits and veggies across the country. They realized the importance of community gardens for something to do as well as sustenance. Through the Pure Growth Project, the brand will be giving $100,000 in financial support via grands for $1,000 to up to $20,000 each to different nonprofit organizations and food projects. Applications can be submitted through July 31st.

They especially want to help encourage gardens, especially in urban areas. When you purchase a Pure Farmland product, the brand will donate the cost of protecting one square foot of farmland through its partnership with American Farmland Trust. Pure Farmland makes plant-based meatless protein products such as burger patties, meatballs and pre-seasoned protein starters. They are made with soy protein and coconut oil. 

You can submit an application for the Pure Growth Project and learn more here.

Thank you to Pure Farmland for bringing this post and great cause to my audience.

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  1. I love their cause! I'd never heard of Pure Farmland before but I'll definitely have to be on the lookout for their products!


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