September 01, 2020

September Product Favorites + Suja Giveaway

A review of Splendid Spoon smoothies, Aktiv workout gear and Suja kombucha! Plus a Suja Juice giveaway!

Splendid Spoon Smoothies

Oh my goodness, let me tell you about my new favorite instant breakfast option! These smoothies from Splendid Spoon are awesome. My kids and I both love them! They can be drank as is or sometimes, I blend them in the blender with some extra ice and spinach for even more nutrients. Our all time favorite flavor is the mint chip smoothie which has an awesome chocolate mint flavor. My kids are crazy for it. The blueberry coconut is another delicious one and I love the addition of the cinnamon and vanilla which gives it a warming spice kind of flavor. 

**Keep reading for a Suja Juice giveaway!

Ingredients are great! The blueberry coconut has blueberries, cashew butter, pea protein, baobab powder, coconut flakes, chia seeds, vanilla powder, acai, cinnamon and salt. I love that there is no sugar added and that there are no weird preservatives. The strawberry goji is our other favorite. Every flavor of these is truly delicious and I would highly recommend these if you are super short on time but want to eat healthy. They are an awesome on the go breakfast, lunch or snack.

Aktiv Clothing
I wear workout clothes all the time. I wear it for workouts as well as all day long. I am a fan of athleisure for sure! These Moonchild Yoga Wear leggings are so cute! They have a large feather on the back of the calves which is fun and different. I agree that these leggings are more for yoga than for other workouts because they are quite thin but I like them for when you want a thinner pair of leggings. They are very easy to move a lot in and I really like the thick higher rise waistband. 

This is the Padore Softshell Jacket and it is the perfect fall jacket! It is not too thick but is great for a chilly day. Our family walks together almost everyday and this jacket is perfect for it. The material is breathable, high quality and dries quickly. Troy really likes it! 

Suja Kombucha

My favorite summer mocktail this summer is Suja kombucha! I can't really drink alcohol because it causes weird insomnia for me but still want to feel included when family or friends are having a drink. I love the Suja kombucha because they taste great and make me feel like I am having a fun drink. My favorite flavors are actually not pictured here but are the green apple, mixed berries and strawberry rhubarb. The pineapple heat is a good one too! I'm not a huge fan of turmeric so the pineapple passionfruit is not my favorite.

I wrote about this drink before but need to say it again that the Suja Energized Focus in raspberry lemon is one of the best drink flavors in the world! So good! It has 70 mg of caffeine which is a little less than regular coffee and is the best afternoon pick-me-up. I often make an iced tea in the afternoon but on a hot summer day, this is the best to drink outside. Highly recommend! You can find these drinks at Kroger and Whole Foods for sure. I'm sure at many other stores too. They are in the refrigerated section of drinks- usually by the produce.


The giveaway will be for a mixed box of Suja products (kombucha, juices, etc.) to one winner!

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Raspberry lemonade sounds good, but so does the ginger. Ginger makes everything good

  2. I'd love to try their PINEAPPLE HEAT KOMBUCHA

  3. Pineapple Passionfruit sounds yummy! I love anything Pineapple flavored.


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