November 10, 2020

When Life is Busy, Order Doorstep Meals

When life is busy, order Doorstep Meals- a review of Doorstep Meals!
Life is so crazy right now! I know I keep saying it but it is true! We are doing school from home this year plus both of us are working. The kids are home 24/7 and Troy and I are always trying to get something done. It is crazy but I am actually so grateful for this opportunity to spend so much time with our kids. Making three meals a day can be tough when you're busy. I am so excited to share Doorstep Meals which makes it super easy to heat up a meal in a few minutes on a busy day and have a tasty, nutritious meal ready to eat.

What is Doorstep Meals?

Doorstep Meals is a meal service that delivers delicious high quality meals right to your home. The meals use no preservatives and they come in two different sizes- normal and large for whatever your appetite may be. They partner with a medical doctor to create a system of healthy meals. The meals are made fresh and then are flash frozen to keep the nutrients in.

What kinds of food does Doorstep Meals have?

Here are some of the examples of meals that Doorstep Meals has- there are currently 35 options to choose from:
-Sweet potato hash
-Chorizo and eggs
-Keto breakfast burger

-Spicy burger bowl
-Backyard BBQ bowl
-Buffalo mac and cheese
-Chicken fettuccine alfredo
-Cowboy burger

-Pre-bio cookies- Doorstep Meals cookies have no refined sugar, are made with gluten-free ingredients and have prebiotic fibers. 

Chicken Alfredo

Why Order Doorstep Meals?

They taste delicious but most of all, they save me so much time. Lunch is a crazy time for us because we do school all morning and then the kids are suddenly super hungry. They are happy with peanut butter and jelly, fruit and veggies or something similar but Mom and Dad want something a little more substantial. These meals are truly so perfect. Being able to pop one in the microwave while I am getting everyone else's food ready is a lifesaver.

I would so much rather spend time with my family then spend all of my time in the kitchen. By dinner, I usually have enough time to prepare a meal but for lunches and breakfasts where time is tight, these are amazing. They take just 3 minutes to heat up and I can enjoy lunch with the kids. It's a win-win!

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Which meals were our favorites?

Oh my goodness, these meals are SO delicious! My absolute favorite meal was the buffalo chicken mac and cheese. It is super delicious, loaded with flavor and the chicken has a great texture which is a big deal to me when it comes to meals that are frozen. The Pre-Bio cookies are absolutely delicious and taste like really good chocolate chip cookies.

I also really enjoyed the chicken alfredo. Everything tastes fresh when you heat it up and is ready in only 3 minutes. My husband loved the chicken bacon ranch and the Philly cheesesteak. I really loved all of the meals we had and would order them again.

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese


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This post was sponsored by Doorstep Meals. All opinions are my own.

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