November 12, 2020

Sell Your Digital Creative Services with Shake

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shake. All opinions are 100% mine.

I wanted to share this cool platform with other influencers and content creators! It is called Shake and it is a creative marketplace where creators can sell their digital creative services. It helps people like bloggers, influencers, writers, photographers and musicians collaborate and work with marketers.

I created my own shake offering my services to marketers. A huge part of what I do is create recipes so I added those services to my Shake. It was pretty easy to setup and took me about 10-15 minutes. I look forward to learning more about these Shakes and setting up more Shakes to find new work.

These Izea "Shakes" get seen and then you can have a chat online with a marketer using their ShakeBot. It is free to use and is a different way to be able to get sponsorships. It cuts out a middle point where you would normally have a discussion about how much to be paid, etc. With Shake, the marketer approaches you with the Shake purchase already.

Some services that a blogger would list is sponsored social shares, recipe creation, sponsored blog posts, video content and more. I would list everything that I do for brands already in my shake. I like that me as the creator gets to choose exactly what I offer, the timeline I can do it in, usage rights and more. Then the marketer can decide if I am a good fit or not.

How to Create a Shake

1. Create an account at

2. Create "shakes" which are your listings of what you are offering. You can create a shake for each service that you offer.

3. Buyers will purchase your Shakes and you choose to accept or deny them.

4. Once you are hired, you can create and submit your content right in the platform.

My job as an influencer has many different moving parts and to find work, I am part of several blog networks, Facebook groups, etc. Shakes are a great addition to help people like influencers find work. I know a lot of photographers and this would be wonderful for them to find work as well!

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