December 27, 2020

2021 New Year's Goals

I'm not huge on big New Year's resolutions but I like to make a few goals for myself so I have something to work towards looking ahead to the new year. 2020 was obviously a crazy year that I didn't see coming (along with the rest of the world) but overall, my family has been very lucky through it and I know that so many others have had it much worse. Looking forward, I am praying for a much better year. These are my 2021 goals:

1. Work on my abdominal separation

I have diastasis recti from my 3 pregnancies and FINALLY started doing the exercises to help heal it after it really started bothering me in December. I think running aggravated it. I am following the exercises made by a personal trainer first and am hoping that that helps. I need to stay consistent!

2. Have a better understanding of finances and saving

Troy and I are excellent at saving. We don't spend more than we have, we use coupons and live frugally. I want to learn more about saving and the best way to do so as we continue to grow our savings. Farther is an awesome program that gives personalized financial advice. You can use it for cash management and investment management. They use technology to help and you can set-up unlimited goal-based accounts so you can save for different things. 

It helps you optimize your returns and utilize tax-advantaged accounts to reduce your tax liability- this would be very helpful for me since I am a small business owner. Other large financial institutions require much higher minimums to use their service but Farther does not. They do everything from helping your money go Farther, reduce your taxes and helping you setup your kids college savings accounts.

3. Be more mindful with snacks

I have shared many times that I am a huge snacker- especially from about 12-3 while I am working and my kids are resting. I grab anything and everything to snack on. I am working on making sure that I am actually hungry and not just stressed or bored before grabbing a snack.

4. Stay in touch with the people I care about, even at a distance

I have no idea what 2021 will bring in terms of the virus and social distancing and while I certainly hope that we can return to large family gatherings, meetups at restaurants and outdoor concerts, I am not sure how long this will go on. Even if we can't see family and friends safely yet, I want to keep in touch with those that I care about through texts, FaceTime and phone calls.

5. Be patient even in tough situations with my kids

My kids have really given Troy a run for our money the last couple months. Adalyn has the attitude of a teenager and Oliver hurts Adalyn all the time. Mealtimes are insane with both of them getting out of their seats and needing to be reminded a thousand times to eat their meals. We are constantly working right now on good behaviors, discipline that works and teaches them how to act, etc. We are playing with what works and what doesn't. When they are really acting up, I tend to get upset at a certain point and yell which doesn't help anyone. I am working on keeping calm and patient even when things are tough.

Those are my 2021 goals for now! They will probably evolve as the year goes on but right now, these are the things that I've really thought over and think need some work.

Thank you to Farther for sponsoring this post and getting me to think about my goals for the year ahead!

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