January 25, 2021

Tips to Relax When You're Anxious

I am someone who has a type A personality and I often get anxious. I don't like the feeling of being anxious so I am always working on calming down when I am feeling anxious. I feel like I'm really putting myself out there and being vulnerable by sharing this stuff but I know that mental health is so important so if I can help anyone with my tips, that would make me so happy! I always have a ton on my plate (running my own business by myself, doing school for 2 of my kids at home this year and my 18 month old that is always getting into trouble at the moment). These are my best tips for how to relax when I'm anxious.

These are the times that I feel the most anxious: when I have a lot to do and feel like I can't get it done how/when I want to, when my kids are all fighting/being loud and I feel like I can't get our household under control and the two nights per week before I run with my dad in the morning. With the running, it started that I was anxious about getting up early which is so silly because I get up early in the morning anyways. Now, it has turned into anxiety about me being anxious and not being able to sleep. The other 5 nights of the week, I am fine. Those two nights every single week, I am super anxious and can't sleep.

Tips to Relax When You're Anxious

1. Talk to someone about how you're feeling

Almost 100% of the time, my husband Troy is my person to talk to. He knows how I can feel anxious and is always there to talk to me. I talk to him about how I'm feeling and sometimes, it feels better just to say it out loud. Also, Troy can help me figure out the situation such as if I have a lot of work to do, he may volunteer to take the kids for a bit so I can get work done which is super helpful. Not keeping these feelings to yourself is very important!

2. Drink tea

When I am feeling anxious, taking a few minutes and drinking a cup of decaf tea can help me a lot. Something about it being warm and requiring me to take a break for a minute creates a feeling of calm for me.

I love the teas from Prosperatea such as the De-Stress which is a relaxing tea with valerian, cinnamon and chamomile and the At Peace tea with chamomile, jasmine and lavender. The super immunity with echinacea, peppermine and cardamom is great. I like making a cup after I put the kids to bed to relax for the evening especially. The teas taste delicious and help me to relax. They use the highest quality ingredients for these teas. 

Prosperatea teas are full of flavor and for other times when I need some caffeine, I love some of the teas with caffeine such as the Detox with Sencha, Matcha and Oolong teas. Most of the teas that I drink are decaf since I like coffee in the morning and tea in the evening and I love that there are a ton of herbal teas from Prosperatea. 

When you pour the hot water on the tea, instantly there is a delicious scent from each of the teas that is very relaxing. In this freezing winter weather, we can't get enough tea. It is so cozy and relaxing. The PMS is my favorite scent with rose, rooibos and spearmint that smells amazing and tastes great too.

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3. Take a walk

When I am feeling anxious, a walk helps so much! Moving my body and getting some fresh air helps to clear my thoughts and often times, I can forget about what was bothering me and drop that feeling of anxiousness.

4. Write it down

If I am trying to fall asleep, my brain likes to start thinking of 1000 things. Things I want to do with the kids, chores, things I need to buy, work I want to get done, etc. When it is written down on my to-do list, there is more of a chance that I can get it off of my brain. When I think of something in bed, I will email myself whatever it is and deal with it in the morning. 

5. Focus on your breathing

If I am really feeling anxious which happens closer to bedtime on nights when I plan to run the next morning, taking some slow deep breaths helps. I breathe in for a certain number of seconds like 3-4 seconds, hold for 3-4 seconds and breathe out for 6-8 seconds slowly. It helps to slow your breathing and can help you feel relaxed.

These are my tips of things that I do right now to help me feel relaxed when I'm feeling anxious. I am always up for new ideas if anyone wants to share.

This post is sponsored by Prosperatea. All opinions are my own.

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