January 06, 2021

What to do When Your Toddler Has a Fever

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FeverAll. All opinions are 100% mine.

It can be scary when your toddler has a fever and these tips can help you be prepared for what to do such as having the right thermometer, giving fluids and having Acetaminophen on hand.
It can be scary when your toddler has a fever. Every time it has happened with my three kids, I get very nervous and want to do anything I can do to help my kids feel better ASAP. We have been so lucky this year so far (knock on the wood) that my kids have stayed healthy. I guess that is one of the benefits of the social distancing that we have been doing the last 10 months.

These are my tips for what to do when your toddler has a fever:

1. Have a reliable thermometer on hand

When I start to freak out when I think my child has a fever is when I can't get my thermometer to work. I went on Amazon and bought the best rated thermometer I could find and then bought two of them. I need our thermometer to work well and to work quickly. We also keep extra batteries on hand to make sure we have ones ready to go. My husband quickly learned that mom needs the thermometer to work right away or else I get worried!

2. Stock up on Acetaminophen

For our older children who can take liquid Acetaminophen or can chew a tablet, we have them take that. For young children who have trouble taking liquid medicines, we like FeverAll. Especially when our kids are sick, we notice that they do not want to take medicine and little ones have a hard time understanding why they need to take the medicine you are giving them. I remember the first time our oldest had a high fever, the doctor told us to give her Acetaminophen and we basically had to wrestle her to get her to take it. It was awful!

That is why with our youngest, we stocked up on FeverAll for cold and flu season. It is a Acetaminophen suppository. It has fewer inactive ingredients than other infants' fever reducers. It has no parabens, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or preservatives. It is for children ages 6 months-36 months. It is available in 3 strengths. Follow the directions on the package. You can buy FeverAll at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

3. Give fluids

Making sure that your child is not dehydrated is important. I offer mostly water and sometimes, herbal tea like peppermint tea if the child doesn't want water. If you are nursing, it can also be helpful to let them nurse more often.

4. Don't over bundle

It can be tempting to put a ton of blankets on your child because they may feel cold but it is recommended not to overdress your child.

5. Call the pediatrician

I like keeping my kid's pediatrician's phone number easily accessible so that when I need to get ahold of them, I can quickly and easily. I always look to their advice for sickness since I tend to over worry and they can calm mom down and give the right medical advice.

**I am not a doctor and these tips are what my children's pediatrician has recommended and what I have learned from being a mom the last 6 years. Talk to your pediatrician about what medications are right for your child.

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